Ambulance Rushes Third Planned Parenthood Abortion Patient To The Hospital

Emergency transports raise alarms about clinic competency and safety Riverside, CA – A Planned Parenthood abortion patient was rushed to the hospital by ambulance on Saturday morning, October 3, 2009, according to eyewitnesses who photographed the incident. This is the third reported emergency transport from a Southern California Planned Parenthood abortion clinic within the past […]

Two Emergency Transports From Planned Parenthood Raise Questions About Clinic’s Safety

Orange, CA – On September 16, 2009, pro-life sidewalk counselors observed and photographed an ambulance responding to a medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, located at 700 Tustin Dr. in Orange, California. Ten days later a different group of pro-life supporters observed and photographed another emergency transport by ambulance from that same abortion […]