Former Brigham Abortionist Surrenders License, Closes Clinic to Halt Disciplinary Action

Decades of disciplinary leniency allowed Aalai to run substandard, often illegal abortion businesses By Cheryl Sullenger Annapolis, Maryland – Abortionist Mehrdad Aalai, a former associate of the notorious New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, has surrendered his Maryland medical license and closed down his abortion clinic, Annapolis Road Gynecology. In a letter to a Maryland […]

Kansas Man Charged with Murder for Lacing Girlfriend’s Pancake with Abortion Drug

By Cheryl Sullenger WaKenney, Kansas – The Kansas Attorney General’s office has charged Scott Robert Bollig, 30, of first degree murder and three other counts after he laced his pregnant girlfriend’s pancake with a crushed abortion drug. The drug caused the death of Naomi Abbott’s 8-10-week old pre-born baby. Bollig was arrested last Thursday by […]

Abortionist Arrested by Interpol, Extradited to US for Illegal Late-term Abortions

Valdosta, GA – In 2003, abortionist Charles Rossman dispensed a handful of abortion pills to a 23-year old woman who was beyond 30-weeks pregnant, then coldly walked out of the office and locked the door, leaving the woman in labor and alone. After receiving a 911 call from the woman, police arrived and broke into […]

Abortionist Riley Reprimanded While Brigham Draws More Charges for Botched Abortion in Maryland

By Cheryl Sullenger Salt Lake City, Utah – Abortionist Nicola Riley had been issued a public reprimand and ordered to pay a penalty of $5,000 for unprofessional conduct related to a botched abortion at a secret late-term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, operated by the disgraced abortionist Steven Chase Brigham. Meanwhile in New Jersey, Brigham […]

Abortionist with Criminal Background Flouts the Law, Operates Illegal Unlicensed Abortion Clinic

UPDATE MARCH 25, 2014: Aalai has surrendered his Maryland medical license and closed his abortion clinic, the Annapolis Road Medical Center in Bladensburg, Maryland! We thank God for this victory! —– This is the second installment in an investigative series about Maryland abortionists who have taken their abortion clinics underground to avoid compliance with new […]