Pro-Life Office Inundated With Hateful Calls In Wake Of Health Care Vote

Wichita, KS – Telephones at Operation Rescue’s national headquarters were inundated with hateful messages in the wake of the weekend vote on health care in the House of Representatives. Operation Rescue has been outspoken in its opposition to the Obama health care takeover plan, especially provisions that would provide taxpayer funding for abortions. The calls […]

Remember This Day!

By Troy Newman, President Operation Rescue Even though I was only three years old I’ll never forget watching TV with my mother as Neil Armstrong put the first footprints on the moon. It was a day to remember, a day that proudly changed our nation. There are moments in history when you just know that […]

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman: Stupak’s Executive Order Not Worth the Paper It’s Written On

Washington, DC – Rep. Bart Stupak caved in on his commitment to oppose the pro-abortion health care bill today by making a deal with the White House. In exchange for Stupak’s vote and that of the others in his coalition, Obama has agreed to sign an executive order after the health care bill is passed […]

Showdown Approaching: House Committee Advances Health Care “Shell” Bill

Washington, DC — The House Budget Committee voted 21-16 to approve rules that would help Democrats force a full vote on Obama’s health care plan by the end of the week. The Budget Committee voted today on a “shell bill,” since no one has yet seen what the final bill will actually look like, but […]

URGENT! We Must Stop Largest Expansion of Abortion Funding in US History

Dear Friends of Life, A critical vote on health care in the Budget Committee is expected Monday, one that would clear the way for a final vote later this week on legislation that would insure the largest expansion of abortion funding in the history of this nation. PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS NOW and […]