The Truth Truck Creates a Stir at the “Last Abortion Clinic”

Jackson, Mississippi — Residents and city officials hardly knew what to think as the Truth Truck arrived in Jackson to participate in a prayer vigil outside the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. The Truth Truck parked directly across the street from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an abortion mill featured in a recent PBS […]

“NARAL Ad is a Pack of Lies,” Says Operation Rescue

Anti-Roberts ad falsely accuses OR of abortion clinic violence Washington, DC — Operation Rescue is calling a NARAL ad linking Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to abortion clinic violence “a pack of lies.” NARAL’s press release announcing the ads states, “…the brief he [Roberts] filed siding with groups like Operation Rescue and other anti-choice extremists […]

The Ultimate List of Abortion Collaborators

George Tiller’s Political Action Committee Documents Name Names WICHITA, KS – Two reports obtained by Operation Rescue reveal the names and addresses of every contributor to late-term abortionist George Tiller’s Political Action Committee (PAC), ProKanDo, from July 23 through December 31, 2004, and includes disbursements for the General Elections held last November. (View Documents) The […]

Tiller the Killer Strikes Again: Botched Abortion Pictures
Mom may pay for it with her life!

WICHITA, KS — The Abortion Capital of the World experienced another tragedy today when late-term abortionist George R. Tiller escorted his latest victim to the hospital via a speeding ambulance. The woman apparently suffered severe complications after visiting Tiller’s late-term abortion mill earlier today. Tiller has been quoted as saying that he transports women to […]

Letter to an Abortion Collaborator

A Letter to an Abortion Collaborator [The following is a letter written to one of the businesses on the Abortion Collaborator’s list by a local Christian. We are withholding the name of the company pending response. We appreciate Karen B.’s thoughtful letter and pray it will prick the conscience of this company for their participation […]