Sidewalk counselor uses the “dirt” on troubled abortion chain to warn women and save lives

Chula Vista, CA – Sidewalk counselors in Chula Vista, California, are using information about an abortionist chain’s scandalous history to save lives.
Luis Mendoza reports that on Saturday, February, 9, 2008, he was ministering at the notorious Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mill in Chula Vista when he was able to share some of the clinic’s history with a woman who was waiting in her car for her 30-year old daughter, who had just entered the mill for an abortion.
He told her that abortionist, Nolan Jones, the troubled abortionist who works there, and the legal problems that the clinic owner, Bertha Bugarin, is currently facing. (Learn more about Jones and Bugarin.)
“I told her about the abortionist’s extensive record of gross negligence and his being fired from a hospital for negligence,” said Mendoza. “I described how the true owner of these clinics was arrested for impersonating a doctor. I handed her copies of the articles and legal documents. She went in to the mill to warn her daughter. The daughter came out of the clinic and confirmed with me what her mother told her. They left immediately.”
The previous day, Mendoza had an encounter at that same mill with another woman who did not heed his warnings or offers of help.
“One Hispanic woman in her early thirties stopped to speak with me when I told her that the abortionist had his license suspended for 60 days and the license was on probation until 2009. She was nervous when I told her about the raiding of this clinic by the sheriffs department and other sordid details of this abortuaries history,” said Mendoza.
“She began to weep and called her boyfriend on her cell to get advice on what to do. Her boyfriend encouraged her to abort. So in spite our efforts she went in to the mill. About 45 minutes later she exited from the mill and spoke to me. ‘You are right,’ she said, ‘there is something wrong with that doctor. He stopped in the middle of the procedure and left the room to get something he forgot.'”
These two incidents speak volumes about the importance of sidewalk counseling and the need for sidewalk counselors to be informed about the problems at their local abortion mills.
“Every abortion mill has problems. It is just the nature of the beast. Sharing the documentation of those problems with women can make the difference between life and death, not only for the pre-born baby, but for the woman as well,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger, who has nearly 25 years of sidewalk counseling experience and has written a training manual on the subject.
“Also, Luis was able to obtain another testimony from a patient that ‘there is something wrong’ with the abortionist. These stories can be gathered and reported to authorities and medical boards to help stop these people from hurting others,” said Sullenger.
“The latter encounter also powerfully illustrates how men use abortion, without concern for the well-being of the woman, to avoid the responsibility of their actions,” said Sullenger. “To pressure a crying, desperate woman into entering a place like that horrific mill in Chula Vista, knowing the dangers, really shows how abortion had not freed women, but made them little more than objects for men’s pleasure, and has placed them in bondage to bear the dreadful consequences on their own. Thank God for those who reach out to these women, and at least give them the opportunity for something better.”