If passed, 3 out of 7 Kansas abortion clinics could close

Wichita, KS — On Tuesday, March 15, several women representing a number of pro-life groups held a press conference in Topeka at the Capitol Building to support HB 2503 – The Women’s Health Protection Act that would regulate Kansas abortion clinics. (View Photos)
Currently there are no regulations governing abortion clinics in Kansas. Vet hospitals and dining establishments must submit to inspections and meet greater standards than abortion mills where dangerous late-term abortions are committed.
The conference was led by Michele Herzog, representing True Majority: Women Speaking for Women. Linda Cramer gave a moving statement about her horiffic abortion experience at George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services. Linda received injuries during her abortion that left her unable to bear children.

Other speakers included Ellen Myers, who spoke of her concerns over unsafe abortions as the mother of a Downs Syndrome daughter, in light of the recent abortion related death of a Downs Syndorme Texas woman in January, 2005. Karen Myers, representing Youth for Life, made a compelling statement about the need for clinic regulations, and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue presented photographic evidence of five botched abortions requiring emergency hospitalization that have occurred at WHCS in the past year.
After the press conference, the group lobbied each Health and Human Services Committee member with documentation of botched abortions requiring emergency hospitalization, including one abortion death in January. The committe passed HB 2503 on Wednesday, March 16, and recommended it favorably to the full House.
Karen Myers was told that this is the first time in four years of attempting to pass this bill that legislators have ever heard from women. They were especially touched by the testimony of Linda Cramer. Karen was told that this was especially helpful!
Abortion clinic workers testified that if this bill passes THREE out of the SEVEN abortion clinics in Kansas will be forced to close permanently! The bill is expected to pass the House and should be heard in the Kansas Senate next week.