By Cheryl Sullenger

Beverly Hills, CA – In a sharp reminder of the dangers and barbarity of the abortion process, an ambulance was called to the Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, on August 6, 2019, for a woman who had suffered abortion complications.

But that language does not come close to describing the horrific situation that occurred at Josepha Seletz’ upscale full-term abortion facility on La Cienega Boulevard, whose neighbors include such normal businesses as a prime rib restaurant, a Brazilian steak house, and a luxury hotel, with the Zimmer Children’s Museum just a short two blocks away.

But this abortion business is anything but normal.  Seletz, who is known as the “Abortionist to the Stars” operates an upscale abortion clinic that caters to the rich and famous, and is one of only a handful of abortion facilities that openly conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy Ambulances outside the Pro-Choice Medical Center are a relatively common occurrence. 

“It is like having a torture chamber in the middle of a swanky American city. People have no idea that large, viable babies are being dismembered or otherwise slaughtered inside that building,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This abortion business’ attempt to cater to the comforts of the elite is like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s a national disgrace.”

Seletz’s efforts are not always without incident.  Ambulance visits like the one in August, are a matter of routine.

According to documents obtained by Operation Rescue, on August 6, 2019, a 39-year old woman underwent a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) dismemberment abortion of 18-week twin babies.

From information in the emergency records, something obviously went terribly wrong.

About an hour after the abortion, 911 was called and an ambulance and a fire unit were dispatched to the abortion facility.  EMS found the patient lying in a pool of blood on a surgery table.  It was estimated that she hemorrhaged nearly 18 ounces of blood before help arrived. 

EMS stabilized the patient then transported her “Code 2,” which usually means the emergency is serious but not life-threatening – for the mother at least.

While the mother may have survived, her babies did not.  It is important to remember what babies are like at 18 weeks gestation.

According to information easily available on the Internet, babies at 18 weeks weigh about five ounces and measure about five inches from crown to rump.  On ultrasound, the sex of the babies can be determined.  The nervous system is well developed and can speed messages from nerves to the brain.  Fingerprints are evident.  At 18 weeks, a baby can hear the voice of his or her mother.

“Although the abortion apologists like to deny it, at 18 weeks, the baby’s nervous system is developed enough for these babies to feel pain.  They look like babies and act like babies.  How can we consider ourselves ‘civilized’ or moral if we tolerate this barbarity of abortion?” asked Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “We must stop thinking of the brutal killing of innocent babies as a ‘right’ when it could not be more wrong.  These babies do not deserve to be torn from the comfort of their mothers’ wombs.  They are innocent human beings that deserve to live as much as anyone.”