By Anne Reed

Cherry Hill, NJ – On the morning of August 3, 2022, 40 Days for Life volunteers observed an ambulance and emergency medical personnel responding to an emergency at Cherry Hill Women’s Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 

Operation Rescue secured the 911 recording for the emergency. And though the call was cut short, it was clear that a female patient inside the facility had multiple grand mal seizures. A grand mal seizure, also known as a tonic-clonic seizure, is what most people envision when they hear the word “seizure.” Due to abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain, it causes loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions.

We do not know if the woman had a history of epilepsy, or if the seizures were caused by surgical complications or drugs used to minimize blood loss during the surgery. But we do know this abortion facility has an established history of causing serious harm to moms who enter its doors for surgical abortions. Past documented emergencies include life-threatening hemorrhages and a case in 2020 of a woman choking on her own vomit during a surgical abortion.   

Because the New Jersey Supreme Court has claimed the right to abortion under its state constitution, the state was not affected by the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Though New Jersey is the fourth smallest U.S. state by total area, it is home to 11 abortion clinics actively killing babies in the womb. 

The network of abortion clinics to which Cherry Hill Women’s Center belongs performs abortions up to 24 weeks gestation. However, abortions can be legally performed up to the moment of birth in the state of New Jersey. 

“As small as it is, New Jersey has established itself as an inviting hide-out for reckless late-term abortionists, away from states with legal consequences for the grave sin of shedding innocent blood,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “New Jersey is safe for abortionists but not for their victims – not the babies and not their mothers. That is certainly clear at this clinic. Tragically, we expect to see more life-threatening emergencies in New Jersey.” 

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