World Net Daily has released a horrifying story of a young woman who delivered her 22-week pre-born baby alive in an abortion clinic restroom in Orlando, Florida, owned by the notorious late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft. According to WND, “James S. Pendergraft, M.D., is the founder of the Orlando Women’s Center and is known in pro-life communities as the ‘Tiller of Florida’ because he performs late-term abortions.”
Once Angele discovered her son was alive, her calls for help were ignored and her baby died in her arms. The story details the filthy conditions at Pendergraft’s mill and the callous lack of response from the abortion mill workers.
“We’ve seen that same lack of compassion from abortion mill workers here in Wichita at George Tiller’s chop shop,” said OR president Troy Newman, referring to Tiller employee Marguerite Reed who placed a 911 dispatcher on hold for nearly a minute while a teenager lay dying inside the abortion mill. “I think that in order to continue working in a place where there is so much human misery and death, one must shut down any feelings of caring or compassion. How else could one cope? We urge abortion workers across the nation to come out of the killing business and seek release, forgiveness, and healing through Jesus Christ.”
The story includes photographs of the baby who Angele named “Rowan”.
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