“Women of Mass Deception” descend on Washington DC while ORW’s
Truth Trucks Expose Their Lies

WASHINGTON, DC – As pro-abortion supporters began arriving yesterday in
the nation’s capital in preparation for Sunday’s “March for
Women’s Lives,” Operation Rescue West’s fleet of Truth Trucks
wove their way through the congested District traffic exposing the lies of the
radical abortion lobby.

Adorned with billboard-sized photos of the broken bodies of aborted babies
in all three trimesters of pregnancy, the Truth Trucks encircled the City Museum
where pro-abortion democratic presidential candidate John Kerry addressed a
group of supporters.

As the trucks passed, the small bands of Kerry supporters booed and jeered,
while pro-life supporters waved, and gave the drivers the “thumbs up.”

The Truth Trucks also made appearances at Kerry’s campaign headquarters,
and the National Educational Association, which is sponsoring a rally for the
radical abortion group NARAL.

Although threats of violence were made against the Truth Trucks yesterday,
they were able to travel peacefully along the streets of Washington without

Today, the Truth Trucks will continue to expose the horrific nature of abortion-on-demand
at a local abortion mill, the National Geographic Society, and various events
sponsored by Planned Parenthood.


“The large images of dismembered baby boys and girls that are displayed
on the panels of the Truth Trucks unmask the rhetoric of the ‘women of
mass deception’ in town for the ‘March for Women’s LIES.’
Abortion is not good for women, it certainly is fatal to the pre-born babies,
and is devastating to families and society. The WMDs want us to believe that
abortion helps women. Nothing could be further from the truth.” -Troy
Newman, President, Operation Rescue West

“If one can look at the horrifying photos on the Truth Trucks and still
remain pro-abortion, then God help that individual! Only a cold-cruel heart
could hold no compassion for the unjust plight of abortion’s defenseless
victims. Thank God that the Truth Trucks are here to convict the conscience
of our nation at such a time as this.” -Cheryl Sullenger, ORW Event Coordinator