UPDATE! Newspaper confirms abortionist Tiller’s connection to political mailing through new “non-profit” corporation.
“This is evidence that George Tiller is beginning his backdoor assault on the attorney general.” -Kline Spokesperson
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After reading the article referenced below, we cannot help but ask certain questions.
Is it ethical for a candidate for attorney general to accept money from a business or individual that is under investigation for multiple crimes while pledging publicly to drop the investigations against those businesses or individuals? The usual answer would be, “no.”
But that is exactly what is happening in the Kansas Attorney General’s race. Pro-abortion Democrat Paul Morrison has pledged to drop ongoing criminal investigations of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller and Planned Parenthood for the concealment of child rape and illegal late term abortions — even though a judge has determined that there is probable cause to believe that those crimes were committed.
It is already well known that Tiller and his PAC, ProKanDo, held a fundraiser on Morrison’s behalf in Washington, DC earlier this year.
And now it seems that Morrison may be the benefactor of contributions from Tiller and ProKanDo through a “sneaky” political shell game reminiscent of “hide the peanut,” as well as “dirty trick” mailings from surreptitious groups that have apparent links to ProKanDo.
This is very simple: Abortionists under criminal investigation. Candidate promises to drop investigation. Abortionists give money and help to Candidate through third-parties and phony groups to hide their connection to Candidate.
Some call this corruption. (Looks like it to us!)
Just follow the money…
-OR Staff
Dr. Tiller’s ProKanDo PAC Behind Hit Piece by “Kansans for Consumer Privacy”?
Sneaky Political Money Methods from 2002 Return to Kansas?
By The Kansas Meadowlark
UPDATE: Topeka Capital Journal Misses real story:
Mailing relies on false figures, Oct 24, 2006
“It’s time to put Snoop Dog on a leash.”
A mysterious “Snoop Dog” anti-Phill Kline political mailing has been received in parts of Kansas from a mysterious group with a Wichita address:
Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection
6505 E. Central #106
Wichita, KS 67206
The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission shows NO PAC with this name, and nothing at that address. It’s not clear how Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection can legally be sending out political hit pieces before their name shows up on the list of Kansas political action committees.
[The only political group near this address is the Kansas Equality Coalition of Wichita and Sedgwick County, an LGBT PAC, at at different suite in the same building: 6505 E Central #219, Wichita.]
No IRS 8871 can be found for a “527” with the name “Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection.”
A clue can be found from the Kansas Secretary of State’s Business Entity Search:
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