Unlicensed, ill-equipped hotel houses women during late-term abortions
UPDATE: La Quinta Inn listened to you! They have disassociated with Tiller. Read the article.

WICHITA, KS — Rescuers were out before sunrise on Tuesday, January 18, holding signs at the La Quinta Inn in Wichita, Kansas, and circling the block with the Truth Truck fleet. Although the hotel is a seemingly unusual spot for a pro-life activity, Rescuers braved the frigid morning temperatures with a purpose. Housed inside were women in the late terms of pregnancy who would soon be leaving the hotel to begin their 3-4 day abortion process at George Tiller?s infamous abortion mill, Women?s Health Care Services.
It has long been known that the La Quinta Inn offers discounts to abortionist George Tiller?s out-of-town patients, who come from all over the world for late-term abortions here, but Operation Rescue has recently uncovered evidence that Tiller in fact uses the hotel as a labor annex to his abortion mill, maintaining a full-time nursing staff on site to monitor the women who have begun the 3-4 day abortion process, and even dispensing medication.
Tiller begins late-term abortions at his “state-of-the-art” abortion mill by locating the baby?s heart using ultrasonography, then injecting it with a drug that stops the heart from beating. The opening of the womb is prepared for dilation and the woman is then sent back to the hotel to begin labor that will eventually expel a dead baby.
“One has to wonder if the La Quinta has adequate medical malpractice insurance to cover any complications that may arise while women continue their abortion process at the hotel,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “After last week’s botched abortion that landed one of Tiller’s patients in the Emergency Room, there is real concern for the safety of women who must endure part of their abortion in a non-medical, ill-equipped hotel room.”
Operation Rescue is urging a national boycott of La Quinta Inns until their business arrangement with George Tiller is terminated.
“This is more than a case of abortion collaboration,” said OR Outreach Coordinator Cheryl Sullenger. “This is a matter of aiding and abetting the needless killing of innocent, viable children. If it were not for the participation of the La Quinta Inn as a part of his abortion mill, Tiller would not be able to abort babies using his current procedure. Men and women of conscience must speak out about this atrocity and take action to stop the wicked baby-killing alliance between Tiller and the La Quinta Inn.”
Operation Rescue is urging pro-lifers across the nation to contact the La Quinta at their corporate office and their corporately-owned Wichita location and ask them to stop endangering women?s lives by operating as an extension of Tiller?s abortion mill.
La Quinta Corporation
Attention Butch Cash [President, Chief Executive Officer and a Chairman of La Quinta]
P.O. Box 2636
San Antonio, TX 78299
La Quinta Inn Wichita Town East Mall
7700 E. Kellogg St.
Wichita, Kansas 67207-1772
Fax: 316-681-0568
Jason J. Penkacik – General Manager
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