Wichita, KS — After a long day of prayer in front of George R. Tiller’s notorious abortion mill, which netted a life saved from abortion, five hundred Christians attended the final praise and worship concert of the Wichita Awakening.
Earlier in the day, prayer and sidewalk counseling efforts paid off when a woman who had scheduled an abortion received encouragement to go instead to Choices Medical Center, a pro-life medical clinic located directly next door to Tiller’s late-term abortion mill. A group of young people from the Cause and the Survivors prayed intensely for the life of the baby as the woman spent an hour at Choices. Finally, she emerged and thanked those who helped her and indicated to them that she had changed her mind about aborting her baby.
The group, which gathered at sunset at the Mid-American Indian Center, worshiped to the music of Leonard Jones, who opened with a song that he wrote for the event and received enthusiastic response from the crowd.
Operation Rescue hosted the event that was attended by an estimated 1,000 people over three days of prayer and intercession focused on Tiller’s late-term abortion business. Tiller was recently charged with 19 criminal counts of committing illegal late-term abortions. The Wichita Awakening was part of the Cause’s “God’s Summer of Love” tour, and was co-sponsored by the Christian Defense Coalition of Washington, DC.
The Wichita Awakening had the largest attendance at Tiller’s abortion clinic since the historic 1991 Summer of Mercy. It was attended by some of the pro-life movement’s most notable leaders, including Norma McCorvey, the former “Roe” of Roe v. Wade, who now works to end abortion.
“The phenomenal response to this event can be attributed the collective shock and concern across our nation to Tiller’s late-term abortion practice, for which he is now facing criminal charges, and to the increasing enthusiasm of the emerging generation to support the cause of life,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are excited to see the fruit that will come from the seeds of prayer that were planted in Wichita over the weekend.”
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