Cast of the AMC show, The Walking Dead
An Operation Rescue Commentary By Cheryl Sullenger
The brutality of the scene was tough to watch.
During this season’s opening episode of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead, the “good guys” had sought refuge from the Zombie Apocalypse at a settlement called “Terminus,” which lured in survivors with the promise, “Those who arrive survive.” But instead of finding sanctuary, they had walked into a trap.
The “Termites,” as they have become known, had resorted to the horrifying practice of cannibalism as a means of survival, adopting the credo, “If you’re not the butcher, you’re the cattle.”
In a scene so disturbing one had to fight the impulse to turn away, the “Termites” bound and gagged several men – including the story’s heroes – and lined them up along a trough, ready to beat them in the head and cut their throats like animals being butchered for meat.
It was all done without emotion and maybe with a tinge of boredom. Cold. Brutal. Just another day on the job.
Everyone in the colony had their assigned tasks. For the guys with the baseball bat and knife, dispatching hapless folks that wandered into their lair had become simply a routine matter of putting food on the table. It was how things were done. It was how they made their living. Any moral compunctions against murdering innocent people faded in the daily normalcy of it all.
As series writer Scott M. Gimple noted in discussing the episode on The Talking Dead after-show, in Terminus, evil had become institutionalized.
The episode carried with it an object lesson that I could not help applying to the abortion cartel and beyond.
In the abortion clinic, women are lured with the promise that their problems can be solved with a simple procedure. Their lives can be better. “Those who arrive survive.”
Innocent children are then killed with cold brutality with little thought or soul-searching on the part of those who conduct their grisly trade day after day. Everyone at the clinic has a job to do. Some answer the phones, some prep the women, while others dispatch the innocent. Killing babies is nothing personal. It’s just another day on the job. Just part of the routine.
Yes, in the abortion clinic, evil has been institutionalized.
There is little difference between this mindset and those of the German concentration camp operators during World War II. The Jews were loaded into cattle cars and transported to the camps where guards ushered them to the gas chambers. It was a daily routine. Just part of the job. “If you’re not the butcher, you’re the cattle.”
In that episode of The Walking Dead, the good guys fought back. At one point, Terminus Mary told one of the protagonists, Carol, who was determined to rescue the trapped heroes, “You could have been one of us.” But Carol rejected the safety of the colony and saved her friends, even though it meant that she would continue to live a precarious life, exposed to the ever-present dangers of her Zombie-occupied world, because some lines were just never meant to be crossed.
When evil becomes institutionalized, it takes on a normalcy and acceptance of an act that would otherwise appall us. Certainly, our nation has become accustomed to coexistence with the evil of abortion.
Make no mistake, it is an evil we must resist. We must fight back. We must rescue the innocent.
Instead of using the Zombie-fighter’s post-apocalyptic weapons of war, we use the law and our God-given rights to oppose abortion. And it’s working.
Just in the past three months, abortion facilities have closed, two very dangerous abortionists have had their medical licenses revoked, and Planned Parenthood’s experimental webcam abortion pill distribution scheme was dealt a fatal blow by the courts.
In Texas alone, abortions dropped a significant 13% in the last year because new laws reigned in abortionists who were unqualified for hospital privileges.
The years of exposing the evil of abortion and working peacefully and legally through the system are paying off, and we are beginning to see an increase in the respect for life in our nation. While we still have a long way to go to fully restore a healthy loathing of child-killing to society and end the brutality of abortion once and for all, the resistance is winning. The momentum against the institutional evil of abortion is steamrolling ever toward victory.
And this is a battle we must see through to the end, for the sake of our humanity.