by Cheryl Sullenger

Bryan, TX — The director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, has experienced a “spiritual conversion” after watching an abortion on ultrasound, and left her job in the abortion industry last month.
Abby Johnson had a change of heart after watching a pre-born baby “collapse” on the ultrasound screen during an abortion. After that, she just could not continue on the job. She told members of 40 Days for Life that she left her employment on good terms, and was even offered more money to remain with Planned Parenthood.
But now her former employer is taking her to court, seeking a restraining order to keep Ms. Johnson from talking.
The public has already seen a glimmer of what Ms. Johnson knows about the operations of Planned Parenthood. She told Fox News that she was continually pressured to sell more abortions. Costing between $505 and $695, abortions were a big money-maker for Planned Parenthood, which was suffering financially from effects of the recession in that part of Texas.
“I doubt that Planned Parenthood is going to court to stop Ms. Johnson from discussing their marketing strategy,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who has debriefed a number of former abortion clinic employees in recent months that have come forward to tell their stories.
“We have yet to find an abortion clinic that is operating in full compliance with the law,” said Newman. “There is no reason to believe that the Planned Parenthood in Bryan will be the first.
Former employees know the truth
In fact, several criminal investigations have been launched on the word of former abortion workers who have come forward for various reasons, from a change of heart on abortion to a need to relieve their consciences from the guilt of what they experienced in the abortion industry.
A criminal investigation is underway in Nebraska after several former employees of the notorious LeRoy Carhart came forward to pro-life groups and the press to tell of illegal activity and dangerous, filthy conditions at his run-down Bellevue abortion clinic. Three of them submitted signed affidavits detailing incriminating information to Attorney General Jon Bruning. A fourth produced a statement, but suddenly changed her mind about submitting it, raising questions about whether or not she had been intimidated into silence.
“Many of the women that we spoke to were afraid of reprisals from Carhart and his attorneys. We have found that abortionists will go to almost any lengths to hush up the truth about what really goes on behind their clinic doors,” said Newman.
“Patient privacy” arguments misused to conceal illegal conduct

In Kansas, the efforts to maintain secrecy at Planned Parenthood rose to new heights. In a long and often convoluted process that began in 2003, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri has been fighting to keep authorities from the truth. Finally, on October, 18, 2007, Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline filed a massive 107 count criminal case against Planned Parenthood, alleging that they had committed illegal late-term abortions and “manufactured evidence.”
Two years later, the case remains stalled in the Kansas Supreme Court. A ruling was expected in June, but has yet to be released. Until that ruling is made, the case cannot proceed. Judge Richard Anderson, who maintains custody of records that contain evidence of Planned Parenthood’s alleged criminal conduct remains under a gag order issued to prevent that evidence from ever reaching the trial court.
Meanwhile, former prosecutors are facing ethics charges for their handling of the case in a transparent example of political retribution that is hell-bent on making examples out of anyone who might be inclined to actually enforce the state’s abortion laws.
Across the nation abortion clinics are using concerns over “patient privacy” to prevent evidence of criminal activity being exposed.
“In Kansas, the hysteria over ‘patient privacy’, as the abortion clinics framed it, became a complete absurdity,” said Newman. “A person’s expectation of privacy does not extend to cover criminal acts, yet that is exactly what Planned Parenthood used that argument to do in Kansas. We are hopeful that there will be different results in the State of Nebraska with the Carhart investigation.”
What is the gag order really about?
In Texas, Abby Johnson is scheduled for a court hearing on November 10 to determine if she will be gagged by Planned Parenthood. What else does Ms. Johnson know that they are so afraid will become public? What are they hiding?
“We know it isn’t about patient privacy,” said Newman.
In fact, in Ohio documents recently surfaced concerning a 9-1-1 emergency request for transport at an abortion clinic owned by late-term abortionist Martin Haskell. In those documents, every bit of information about the abortion clinic and what they did to the patient was heavily redacted but the patient’s name address, phone number and date of birth were left unaltered.
In Michigan, abortionist Alberto Hodari was convicted of illegally discarding patient abortion records in a manner that made them available to be accessed by anyone.
In Kansas, one abortion clinic that was fighting the release of abortion records to criminal investigators on patient privacy grounds notified patients on its web site that their names and contact information would be turned over to a local pro-abortion political action committee for fundraising purposes. So much for privacy.
“Privacy concerns for abortionists are really about covering for their own wrong-doing. It has little or nothing to do with concern for the patients,” said Newman.
As long as abortion clinics are allowed to hide behind the skirts of “patient privacy’ in order to cover for their own wrong-doing, women will continue to be injured and otherwise victimized.
“In the meantime, Ms. Johnson would do well to make a sworn statement about what she observed at Planned Parenthood, and file it immediately with the Attorney General and medical oversight board in Texas, before her knowledge is forever silenced,” said Newman.