Rescuers keep lunch-hour vigils to expose abortion connection.

Wichita, KS — Undaunted by darkening skies and a light rain, members of Operation Rescue held their noon-hour vigil outside Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS. Holding large graphic images of aborted children, the pro-lifers informed Wesley staff and patrons alike of the hospital’s association with the infamous late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
Tiller is on staff at Wesley with admitting privileges that the Rescuers believe he has been using all to often as of late. In the past 18 months, Operation Rescue has documented six incidents where women were rushed from Tiller’s abortion mill via ambulance to Wesley’s ER. One young lady died in January.
As the summer days have heated up, so has OR’s activism. The Tiller’s association with Wesley has been the subject of flyers, brochures, and pickets on a weekly — sometimes daily — basis. The Truth Truck routinely circles the block, adorned with huge photographs of Tiller with one of his injured abortion patients on a gurney, rushing from the ambulance into Wesley’s ER.
OR President Troy Newman and his Outreach Coordinator, Cheryl Sullenger, had met with Wesley CEO David Nevill before the public exposure part of the campaign began. “Nevill was a nice enough man,” said Newman, “but he made it clear that he either couldn’t or wouldn’t remove Tiller from staff. That was unacceptable to us.”

Although Wesley insists that no abortions are done at their hospital, OR has documentation and eyewitness accounts of Tiller aborting a woman at the hospital on May 11, 2005.
“The plain truth is that Wesley did not object to Tiller’s association with their hospital as long as they thought no one knew,” said Sullenger. “Now that the public is becoming aware, their relationship with Tiller is beginning to give Wesley a black eye.”
“An informed public can better decide if they can trust their health to a hospital that collaborates in the deaths of late-term, viable babies, and enables a dangerous abortionist to continue to maim women by embracing him as a staff member,” said Sullenger. “I have personally witnessed injured women being wheeled into the hospital, sometimes writhing in pain.”
How long will the pickets last?
“We aren’t going anywhere until Tiller does,” said Newman. “We know that there are employees at Wesley who are tired of Tiller tarnishing their reputations. We encourage those inside the hospital to put their own house in order. Once Tiller goes, we go.”