We’re in Rolling Stone Magazine!
This week a feature article has been published in the extremely liberal Rolling Stone Magazine about our work in Wichita, Kansas. Although the article has flaws, it is without a doubt, the best treatment of a pro-life ministry ever published by this magazine.
The article, titled ’One Man’s God Squad,’ appearing in such a widely read publication is bound to elicit responses from both sides of the abortion issue. We pray that it will encourage and inspire all those who labor to save innocent lives from abortion and serve to put those on notice who participate in child-killing: ’Your sins will find you out.’
The article is available on line at RollingStone.com. It is due to hit the newsstands tomorrow, Friday, July 30, 2004.
Here is a preview’
The letter arrived on a Tuesday in march. “Dear Sara,” it read. “It is our information that you are currently an employee of Women’s Health Care Services, a facility that provides abortions.” It went on to suggest that Sara Phares, an administrative assistant at the clinic in Wichita, Kansas, quit her job and repent her sins. “Please know that we are praying for you,” the letter concluded. It was signed “Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West.” A week later, hundreds of Phares’ neighbors received an anonymous postcard of a mangled fetus. This is abortion! read the big block letters. “Your neighbor Sara Phares participates in killing babies like these.” The postcard implored them to call Phares, whose phone number and address were provided, and voice their opposition to her work at the clinic. Another card soon followed. It referred to Phares as “Miss I Help to Kill Little Babies” and suggested, in an erratic typeface that recalled a kidnapper’s ransom note, that neighbors “beg her to quit, pretty please.” The third postcard dispensed entirely with pleasantries: “Sara Phares is not to be trusted! Tell her to get a life!”
Read the rest at ’Rolling Stone.com – One Man’s God Squad