Tampa, FL – Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation issues the following statement in support of the candidacy of pro-life Republican Todd Akin for Senate in Missouri:
We stand with Todd Akin in his bid to win the Senate seat in Missouri contested by his pro-abortion opponent, Democrat Claire McCaskill.
Akin was attacked by Democrats when he made an unfortunate comment about “legitimate rape” and its consequences, a comment for which he has sincerely apologized and repudiated. Instead of being supported by the Republican Party, many panicked at the tempest in a teapot stirred up by the pro-abortion crowd and withdrew support for Akin. This panic spread to others who have withheld funding in an attempt to force him out of the race.
Instead of rebuking the abortion crowd and the divisive politics of the Democratic Party, many Republicans – but certainly not all – wrongly turned to devour one of their own.
We encourage Todd Akin to stand up to the pro-abortion bullies who are bent on destroying him and rebuff the timid Republicans that want to avoid abortion controversies at all costs, even if those costs include the loss of a critical seat in the Senate and perhaps even a Senate majority.
Todd Akin was elected by the will of the people in the primary as the Republican standard-bearer against an opponent that stands in lock-step with Obama’s failed policies, including the tax-funded shedding of innocent blood through abortion. It’s time for the Republican Party to respect that and reunite behind him. We urge Republican and conservatives everywhere to stand with Todd Akin financially to replace the funds wrongly stripped from him, and we urge the good people of Missouri to reject the politics of personal destruction by casting a confident vote for Akin in the voting booth this November.
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