[This letter was penned before Troy left the DNC in Denver and headed to Minneapolis for important meetings prior to the RNC.]

We Have ONLY 60 DAYS To Expose Barack Obama And Keep Him From Becoming “THE ABORTION PRESIDENT”!!!

Please help!

Dear Friend of Operation Rescue,
I only have a few minutes of “down time”. . .so I’ll keep this short.
I’m writing to you from Denver, Colorado—the site of the Democratic National Convention. We’ve been here for several days, and it’s been a real roller-coaster ride.

Between the rabid pro-aborts threatening us with physical attacks. . .the local police and federal agents harassing us for driving our Truth Trucks all around the area. . .and the mainstream news media trying to completely ignore our message that I’m convinced that we are in the midst of the most intense spiritual warfare I’ve ever seen in all my years of pro-life activism.
Truly. . .

The Forces of Darkness
To Become Our Next President!

As you know by now, Obama officially has the nomination of the pro-death Democratic Party. Money is flowing into his campaign from the radical homosexuals, God-haters, and baby-killers all over the country.

The mainstream news media has a “crush” on Obama. In their eyes, he can do no wrong—and he represents America’s new “savior.” Why, Obama even refers to himself as America’s savior!!!
But nowhere is it revealed to the American people that Obama is more pro-abortion than Bill and Hillary Clinton. . .Nancy Pelosi. . .and Ted Kennedy combined!

You see, Obama has made it unequivocally clear that he will strike down ALL restrictions on abortions—and see to it that Roe v. Wade NEVER gets overturned!

This man scares me. And the fact that he is neck-and-neck with John McCain—and in some polls, leading McCain—scares me even more.

And I get really alarmed when I look at the calendar! It’s hard to believe, but. . .

We Have ONLY 60 DAYS to
To the American People!

You see, the American people are overwhelmingly pro-life—especially when it comes to the despicable practice of late-term abortion, which Barack Obama fully supports!
If the people only knew that Obama is an ABORTION EXTREMIST, they wouldn’t vote for him in a million years!!!
So that is our mission. We have only 60 more days to accomplish it. And we dare not fail.
We made tremendous inroads here in Denver. Hundreds of thousands of people saw our Truth Trucks as they rolled throughout the city and “camped out” at the Convention site.

We had scores of people coming up to us and talking about Barack Obama’s position on abortion. Even many dyed-in-the-wool Democrats had no idea he is so extremely pro-abortion that he doesn’t even want to protect babies born alive!!!

They were thoroughly disgusted with this aspect of Obama. So I believe that if we can get through to hard-core Democrats like we did here in Denver, imagine what we can do to Obama’s standing once we get our message to hundreds of thousands of other key voters!
In the next 60 days, that’s what we’re going to do. With your help, we’re going to keep the Truth Trucks rolling all across America—especially in areas where Obama is making important stops, giving speeches, and holding fundraising events.

The problem is, we’ve spent every last dime of the money we’ve raised just to launch our “Expose Obama” campaign here in Denver. As I said, we brought our Truth Trucks here from all over the country—at considerable expense because of the high cost of fuel these days. We had new signs made for the Truth Trucks—specifically to expose Barack Obama on abortion. And we had to pay numerous other expenses that wiped out our bank account.
And so I must turn to you, once again, because I have no one else to ask for help.
You and our handful of faithful supporters are the only reason we’re able to do what we do. With your financial support and the grace of God, we keep going. But if that support stops, we stop. We have no choice.

So I beg you to please dig deep and give as much as you can to help us keep going strong for the next 60 days leading up to the November election.

Remind yourself of all that’s at stake in this election. It’s the scariest time in our nation’s history. We will either keep going in the pro-life direction that so many of us have worked hard to steer us toward—or we will be thrown into reverse by Barack Obama, who has vowed to make it his “first priority” to throw open the floodgates of abortion and unleash the demons of Hell on our nation.
I weep for America if Barack Obama becomes President.
Please. . .help us expose his radical, extreme pro-abortion views—before it’s too late.
Send us your most sacrificial donation. . .today. . . click here to give .
For the Babies,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue
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