Here is an account of ORW’s trip to Washington, D.C. to
stand for the babies at the pro-abort death march by Cheryl Sullenger.

On Friday, we attended a rally for Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry
held at the City Museum. We had two Truth Trucks identically clad in brand new
signs designed by ORW missionary Brenna Sullenger. The Truth Trucks looks awesome!
It was hard to imagine that anyone could look at the images, including the largest
photo of Malachai ever produced, without being shocked by the horror and injustice
of child-killing.

We joined with the group that Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition
had organized which included members of the Survivors, Stand True, Rock for
Life, Gen Life, and others. Of course, our good friend Ron Brock was there circling
each event with his sign-laden motor home. It seemed like no matter where you
went in the D.C. area, there was someone confronting the pro-abort hoards.

From the Kerry Rally, we went to his campaign headquarters. There various pro-lifers
took turns testifying on the bull-horn as pro-aborts circled in the midst of
our group chanting the same sorry slogans that we have heard for the past 20
years. We ran into one of the deathscorts from Wichita, a vile woman who often
represents the Religious Coalition for Reproductive choice. When she saw Troy,
she went strait to him and proceeded to cuss him out in the vilest terms.

On Saturday, we began the day at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Washington
D.C. Jeff White, formerly of Operation Rescue, was arrested for possessing a
first trimester baby in a small jar. Jeff went limp and the police had to drag
him and lift him into the paddy wagon, (no small feat!) in reminiscence of the
old Rescue days. He was released later that day.

Next, the Truth Trucks went to Dupont Circle where Planned Parenthood was holding
a big festival with tents, tables, and a big stage for entertainment and speakers.
Both Truth Trucks and Ron’s vehicle circumnavigated the circle repeatedly.
One of the Truth Trucks and Ron’s motor home were equipped with public
address systems. As the Truth Trucks circled, Troy and Ron preached and preached.
Each lap past the stage area seemed to incite the ire of the crowds gathered
there. Finally, some of the pro-aborts came out into the street to attack the
signs on one of the Truth Trucks. Driver Bob Rothlesburger jumped out and began
to photograph the attempted vandalism, but one of the men knocked the camera
out of Bob’s had, breaking it. The police intervened and sent everyone
back to their vehicles or to the sidewalk, but the crowd had become quite agitated.
When the next Truth Truck arrived at that location, with loudspeaker blaring,
a large group lunged into the street at them. A group of about 20 police immediately
jumped in and formed a line between the unruly crowd and the Truth Truck. One
officer told Troy to leave Dupont Circle because a riot was about to break out
and they did not know how if they would be able to save the Truck.

The timing was perfect, because we were due at the next event, a NOW fundraiser
held at the National Geographic Society. It was a fairly high-class event. A
number of celebrities attended, including Tyne Daly and Greta VanSustern. The
attendees had to pass through our group in order to enter the party. They were
offered very excellent and powerful little pamphlets, designed again by our
own Brenna Sullenger, that tore the façade off the “pro-choice”

To our surprise, one of the attendees was late-term abortionist George Tiller
from Wichita, Kansas. Troy immediately started rebuking him as he entered wearing
one of his “Team Tiller” t-shirts. What an ego! Tiller looked like
a deer caught in the headlights when he recognized the ORW team, his nemesis
in Wichita.

From there we went to the Rennasience Hotel where Planned Parenthood was holding
a big bash in the ballroom there. Troy, Brenna and I walked in and immediately
found members of the San Diego delegation, including CEO Mark Salo. Troy walked
up to Salo and shook his hand then began to shame him for his participation
in child-killing. When he was done, he left the room, then I walked up to Salo
and extended my had and had planned to do the same thing, but he recognized
me immediately, threw his hands in the air and headed for the nearest security
guard. I followed him out the door rebuking him the entire way. We praised God
for the opportunity to confront this man who is the head of the second largest
Planned Parenthood organization in the world.

On Sunday, our primary focus was the big, “March for Women’s Lies”
as we called it in our press releases. The Truth Trucks were able to drive up
the parade streets while marchers mustered. Among the huge crowds, Troy spotted
none other than the infamous LeRoy Carhart, the late-term abortionist from Omaha
that comes to Wichita twice a month to kill babies for George Tiller. Troy called
his name and Carhart waved, thinking it was his adoring public, but once Troy
began to preach to him about his child-killing ways, Carhart quickly move on.

Before the march began, a group of us held a “Die-In” at the starting
point of the parade. About 30 pro-lifers first knelt in prayer, then laid down
it the fetal position while others drew chalk lines around them and wrote pro-life
slogans in the street. The death marches had to literally trample over the symbolic
images of the babies they are responsible for killing. The police in D.C. give
three warnings before arrests are made, so we all left on the second warning
and avoided arrest.

Then came my personal favorite part of the entire events. We had learned that
the VIP section of the parade with event organizers and celebrities would be
breaking off from the main march near the end of the parade and would be funneled
to an area where a VIP tent awaited them. Most of the group we were with went
down to that location to wait for them to pass. However Troy, Bob Rothlesburger,
Brenna and I decided to walk up the parade route to meet the marchers and then
run back down with Troy preaching on the bull horn to the VIP section the entire

It was a mad dash for several blocks. I had video running, Brenna was snapping
digital images, and Bob was running interference for Troy as he rebuked marchers
by name. There was Whoopie Goldberg shaking her wire hangers at Troy, and Cybil
Shepherd, Patricia Ireland, Ashley Judd, and many others, all looking and responding
to Troy’s preaching. Some tried to block our path, some tried to pick
a fight, but we were able to keep up with the march, and with Troy preaching
and calling them to repentance with every step.

When the group turned off Pennsylvania Ave. to funnel into the mall, we became
separated. Brenna and I were somehow shoved into the parade and actually marched
with the death march for about a block with a pro-life sign while yelling “Shame”
until the police finally pulled us out. Then, we were able to continue flanking
the VIPs as they were culled from the main group. At this point we could not
find Troy. I yelled and yelled with my naked voice. Suddenly, the VIPs were
ushered out of the street and onto the sidewalk right where I was standing.
I was able to tell Patricia Ireland, who as less than 3 feet from me, “You
think this is your day, but it is not. This is a day of shame for you and you
are only storing up judgment for yourself. When you stand before God to give
an account, this day will be brought up as a day of shame. Repent!”

Then a group of pink-shirted women surrounded me and pushed me out of the way.
I got around them and stood in front of the marchers again on the sidewalk,
shaming them when I was again surrounded and (not too gently) shoved out of
the way.

Once the marchers were past we really began to become concerned about Troy.
Finally we found each other and he told us that when Brenna and I were pushed
into the march, he ran around to the very front. The VIPs had stopped to have
a media shot taken by photographers in a cherry picker. Troy got right in front
of the cherry picker and was only a few feet from the marchers. As they shouted
“Choice Now!” he responded with “Death Now!” After a
few rounds of this, the pro-aborts in pink shirts attacked him. Troy was pulled
to the ground as they tried to wrest the bullhorn from him and was punched and
kicked. The police jumped in and cuffed him and hauled him from the melee, saving
him from serious injury. They let him go when it was safe and he rejoined us,
a little banged up, but happy for the opportunity to stand so boldly for God’s