Hollywood, CA – The Survivors have released a video showing members of Jimmy Kimmel’s television crew burning a teenager with high-powered kleg lamps, then ignoring pleas that they stop hurting the youngster.
The teen, Ryan Bueler, was targeted for burning because he was exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by holding an abortion sign on Hollywood Blvd. in front of the Kodak Theater where the Kimmel crew was setting up to film a stunt for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.
The video shows Survivor leader Jeff White and Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman attempting to stop the attack by turning the burning lights away from the teens. At that point, White was attacked by a member of Kimmel’s crew. His shirt was torn and his back sustained scratches. Newman was not injured in the melee.
Bueler suffered from reddened skin, akin to first degree burns. The lights were so hot that they partially melted his plastic wrist band and part of his sign.
When White then attempted to persuade a Los Angeles police officer to intervene, he was falsely arrested. Newman was threatened with arrest. The crew members who burned Bueler and injured White were not arrested. White was later released without any charges having been filed.
The Survivors later demanded an apology from Jimmy Kimmel for the illegal and injurious actions of his crew, but ha so far refused to apologize.
“This was a sadistic, unprovoked attack on a young man who was peacefully exercising his rights. Ryan was not interfering with the crew in any way. These men were behaving in a completely unprofessional and despicable manner. The attack on Jeff White and his subsequent arrest were vicious, illegal, and unfounded. We join with the Survivors in calling for a public apology from Jimmy Kimmel,” said Newman.
As a result of Kimmel’s unwillingness to “man-up” and apologize for the unacceptable and violent actions of his crew, the Survivors have staged protests at Kimmel’s Los Angeles home. There will be additional protests in front of Kimmel’s Hollywood Blvd. studio later today.
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