Video: Bizarre Pick Up of Aborted Babies at Carhart’s Nebraska Abortion Mill

Has the trafficking in aborted baby body parts quietly resumed?

By Cheryl Sullenger

Bellevue, NE – Ashley Riddle, president of Metro Sidewalk Advocates, reported for her sidewalk shift as usual at LeRoy Carhart’s abortion facility in Bellevue, Nebraska, but as she stood offering help to abortion-bound women, she found herself in a conversation with one man that proved to be anything but usual.

Riddle’s smart phone camera was running as a man emerged from Carhart’s abortion facility with a blue cooler bag that sported a bright orange biohazard sticker.

Realizing that the cooler’s contents were very likely the remains of aborted babies, Riddle asked, “Sir, don’t these babies deserve a proper funeral?”

Instead of answering, the man challenged Riddle.

“Did you also know that this is also just a health clinic as well. It’s not just for abortions,” he said.

Riddle explained that Carhart provides few, if any, services other than abortion.

“But you’re taking out dead babies, sir,” she remarked.

“It’s a fetus,” he replied.

Then, in a bizarre twist, the man cavalierly tossed the cooler into the back seat of his private vehicle, turned to Riddle and asked, “Did you know a baby isn’t formed until six to eight months?”

Riddle was shocked that the man who picked up the aborted baby remains was so grossly misinformed. In reality, pre-born babies are fully formed by eight weeks gestation, a fact easily found on the Internet with a brief Google Search.

“No, I’m not against children. I’m actually against abortion as well, but this is just my job, so I’d appreciate it if I’m not harassed,” the baby parts man continued, sounding remarkably like an abortion supporter.

“Then you wouldn’t be riding around with dead babies, sir,” Riddle responded.

The man denied that they were dead babies, after having earlier admitted they were “fetuses.” Could it be that by dehumanizing his grisly cargo with the term “fetus,” it becomes easier for him to do his job?

The incident raises questions apart from the misinformed man’s twisted logic.

Why were aborted baby remains being transported in essentially an insulated lunch bag in the back seat of an unmarked private sub-compact? Where were the baby parts going?

The arrangement was not indicative of usual biohazard waste disposal pick-up methods often witnessed by pro-life activists at abortion facilities across the country.

Then there’s this: LeRoy Carhart was recently under investigation by the House Select Panel on Infant Lives for suspected trafficking in aborted baby organs and tissue. He was also being investigated for the possibility that he had killed babies born alive at a very late-term abortion facility in Germantown, Maryland.

The Select Panel issued subpoenas to Carhart and others related to his abortion businesses, but Carhart never fully complied before the Panel ended its work at the end of December, 2016.

Because Carhart was somehow suspected of crimes related to aborted babies and their remains, it is not far-fetched to wonder if he might be engaged in the illicit trade in body parts in Nebraska.

“We call on the Nebraska Department of Health to fully investigate LeRoy Carhart and his abortion business’ disposal practices related to aborted baby remains. We also urge them to accept no stonewalling of the kind that prevented the Select Panel from reaching conclusions about his dubious actions,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It appears there is a possibility that the illicit trade in aborted baby remains has quietly resumed, if it ever stopped. It’s time for the public to learn the truth about what’s really going on.”

  • Jan Lee

    The killing and selling of these babies needs to STOP NOW. We need to shut these clinics down.

  • captdot

    Everyone must read “Gosnell:The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer” to see the gruesome reality. Also, the movie will be released around September 2017.

  • Stan Joy

    It used to be that 80% of Americans knew what I am about to share with you, but now they say only 40% know. What I an saying is, “the day will come that WRONG will be called RIGHT and RIGHT will be called WRONG. Scripture tells us this. My question to you all is–are we now there?? And to think we called Hitler a MONSTER for the slaughter of the millions Jews and other human beings!! So, so sad. Forgive us Lord.

  • CSN

    The gruesome reality of the illicit baby parts for money business. I’d like to know the asking price of the remains in that cooler.

  • Maggie Sullivan

    This sidewalk counselor said everything perfectly……kindness, facts, truth, charity, all while explaining the seriousness of what was happening. This is just one more reason why I am convinced that active pro-lifers are the greatest blessing the Church and our country has.

  • terrijane63

    You are so right!! We are so Desensitized to this as Murder!!! It has been happening for years without anyone being held accountable because they have a license to do this. We will all stand before the Almighty one day and give account. We must wake up and see what is happening before more babies lose their lives!!!

  • Vivavox

    All he had to do was to take a look inside the cooler to see the truth.

  • peanut butter

    “They don’t do abortions.” “It’s a fetus.” He lied, then told the truth when confronted. How could ANYBODY that is against abortion take a job delivering aborted babies? Oh, right, big money. I guess he’s looking for a Lamborghini.

  • homer1057

    These six things doth the Lord “HATE”: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. GOD “HATES” some thing, and one of them is ABORTION(ists) and those that say it’s OK!!

  • Sun~Rose

    He was a monster.

  • homer1057

    My God how could another person, especially a woman, take the life of a yet unborn child! GOD “HATES” this spilling of innocent blood and it must be paid back! Proverbs 6:16-19KJV

  • revdto

    Absolutely right! I just finished it last week and the book is a superb account of the ‘killing fields’ in the womb today. I believe Carhart is mentioned in the book as well. He is the new “Gosnell” running free now, and he, as well as this gruesome “industry”, must be stopped!

  • Larrt

    At what point did Jesus become God in the flesh,
    I say the moment of Conception by the Holy Spirit!
    “Forgive us Father for allowing this murderous situation to exist”!

  • Helen Hvasta

    Had I been there, I would have challenged the ‘transporter’ to Google the development of a fetus online….and then say they were just fetus. A fetus is a developing baby, you can already tell by shape of head, developing limbs…and heart….Then if he’s seen again….ask him if he still thinks as he did before. And why else would he have a bio bag if not to transport baby parts to keep fresh? Wonder what his answer would be then…..

  • Marilyn Gruenbaum


  • Aardvark

    The use of the word “clinic” makes it sound like a medical establishment that is in the business of helping people. This establishment clearly is NOT in that business.

  • Elizabeth Rink

    Some abortions and abortionists are part of the satanic ritual abuse network in the world. They are sacrificed to Satan.

  • Maria Malizia

    NO SWEAT! The aborted babies go straight to heaven and will rise up in judgement against their mothers (and fathers) on judgement day.

  • peanut butter

    I would starve to death before I got involved in baby murder. Who are you, the guy in the video?

  • Darrell McCance

    You are F-ing stupid!! Justify this bastard!!???

  • ADRoberts

    Criminal charges would do the trick.

  • Boyd

    These people need to be charged and convicted of murder now, but too many congressmen and judges want to be re-elected. They will please the people by supporting these acts of murder called abortion and do nothing against it. They will also help them kill these innocent children in a fight to help themselves. There must be commercials placed on televisions showing the effects of abortion and how it’s done as they ask for help in the fight against it. We see this done as commercials show abused animals and demand people’s help in the fight against it. Why don’t Pro-life groups make commercials of these actions of abortions and place them on television asking for people to fight against it?

  • Jordan48

    The real question here is: Will God hold you guiltless in performing, approving, or advocating for the abortion of the innocent, the defenseless, unborn children who are slaughtered across this nation by the 100’s of thousands every year? The answer is a resounding NO! Man has ALWAYS justified his sins! He will always justify his sins because he chooses to remain blind to the true evil he does.

    The abortionist murders little babies in exchange for money.

    The abortionists staff blindly supports the abortionist because they want to keep their job to earn a paycheck.

    The politician supports abortion upon demand because he receives campaign donations from Planned Parenthood as he seeks reelection and he also supports the diabolical slaughter of the innocent because he is convinced that he can not get elected or reelected if he is not pro abortion. Some politicians support abortion upon demand because he is a Globalist who supports population control and calls it necessary.

    IT is still barbaric!
    It is still MURDER.
    It is the slaughter of the innocent!
    It carries the eternal death sentence for all who remain supportive of this slaughter of the innocent.

  • Judith Daley

    Someone should have followed him to see where he was going with the infant remains. wouldn’t be a bit surprised that he’s selling them.

  • Thomas

    We need to fight harder to separate abortion, from regular health care, and not to kick a truly sick woman to the curb, it’s the baby killing that we’re trying to stop, not health care for woman.

  • Donna Hughes St Romain

    I’d rather be homeless, hungry and naked than take a job like this!!! So many hard working jobs out there ppl too lazy to do..No one I mean absolutely no one needs to take a job in the abortion industry to help their families or themselves financially!!! Would you say the same about a drug dealer or would you condem them!! I’d rather see someone be a drug dealer than this!!!! Just like this twisted world when someone defends the guilty and has no compassion for the ripped apart murdered baby!!!!! Gezz freaking Louise how in God’s name can anyone justify the trafficking of bloody baby parts!!!

  • HotinSC

    Jesus did not have a gentle spirit when he used a whip to clear the moneylenders from his father’s house, the temple. It is time for Christians to have righteous anger.

  • MyLady1

    Personally, I have lived in my car and slept outside with my son until I got a place to live. I didn’t hump a pole, a stranger or have anything to do with murdering innocent babies. In this day and age it’s not that hard to get some kind of job until you can get a better one. There are also agencies to help you with money, food, a place to live, and help with finding a job. There are a lot of food banks in my town and many churches that serve dinner. No one has to do evil things to survive.

  • MyLady1

    My nephew adopted one of China’s little girls, and a cousin adopted a Vietnamese boy. I could not afford another child, my 2 were enough. That’s why I used birth control. PP should hand out birth control , but there’s no money in that. I doubt all those murdered babies are from birth control failure. After one missed period you can know if you are pregnant, so why are babies being killed when they are ready to be born? THAT doesn’t make any sense at all. If you’ve carried it that long, you might as well have it and give it to parents who will love it. And India and China don’t have anything to do with our country and our laws.

  • Mary George

    Planned Butcherhood supplies baby body parts to the highest bidder, and they murder the innocent in the womb.They do nothing else.

  • Mary George

    Nonsense.You can rationalize all you want.ABORTION is the slaughter of the innocent.

  • Mary George

    Empathy for a man who throws baby body parts into his car?Empathy for abortionists and the women who kill their babies?They will have to ask for forgiveness from God.He can give them forgiveness.You are confusing forgiveness with righteous anger at the sin of murder.

  • Mary George

    She did engage him.He chose to ignore her truth.

  • Mary George

    Yes I believe we are there.Please God help this world.God bless all of you.

  • Robert

    Abortionists are just serial killers with a license to kill.