Dear Friends of Life,

Friday morning our two young interns, Josh and Elisabeth, found that all four tires on their car had been slashed. We believe they were targeted for this attack because of their pro-life convictions.
The only vehicle damaged in the parking lot was the only one with the pro-life bumper sticker.
Josh and Elisabeth are young married college students who are sacrificially spending their summer break from classes at the University of Colorado to work in our office on several critical projects. They live on next to nothing in order to do pro-life work.
The vandals created an immediate financial crisis for them.
Because all four tires were slashed, their vehicle had to be towed. With the towing fees and the four new tires, they were looking at a devastating $850 bill.
Operation Rescue stepped in and paid for the towing and tires, but in these financial times – especially during what is traditionally a “Summer Slump” in giving – that was a very painful bill for us to pay.
This is the third incidence of vandalism on us in less than a month. (We must be doing something right in order for the Enemy to attack us in this way!)
First the banner on the front of our building that advertises free pregnancy testing for the crisis pregnancy center next door was vandalized. Then someone stole one of our security cameras, forcing us to upgrade our security system and install a security gate — another expense that was not in the budget. Now Josh and Elisabeth have had their tires slashed.
These attacks could not have come at a worse time. We are in the middle of several important projects and we are gearing up for a big national event in Maryland later this summer. Every cent is needed.
We run a tight ship at Operation Rescue and carefully budget every dime for our work to save lives and stop abortion.
These vandals are trying to sap resources from our life-saving efforts and demoralize our staff.
With your support and prayers, we will not let the bullies win!
We need your help today to make up for what was stolen and destroyed. With tires, towing, and that new security gate, we need to raise at least $1,500 on an emergency basis.
Please consider making a generous emergency gift to Operation Rescue right now to help us get back on track.
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On behalf of Josh and Elisabeth and the rest of our staff, thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to help out brothers and sisters in need.
For the voiceless,

Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue