5-4 ruling seen as significant victory for the pro-life movement
Washington DC — Operation Rescue celebrates the long-awaited ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that has upheld the Federal ban on the grisly late-term abortion procedure known as partial-birth abortion, and hails the victory as the first step toward outlawing all abortion.

“Today’s decision justifies our faith in the new composition of the court,” Newman said. “The time is now right to launch aggressive legal challenges across America to abortion on demand.”
“This is the first legal crack in the crumbling Roe v. Wade foundation, and is the first, necessary step toward banning the horrific practice of abortion in this nation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If partial-birth abortions are unconstitutional, then all abortion should be as well. There is little difference between a second-trimester partial-birth abortion and a 12-week suction abortion. In fact, the suction abortion is probably more gruesome because it involves complete dismemberment of a live baby.”
“This decision is another in a string of recent victories for the pro-life movement,” said Newman. “We are seeing a remarkable decrease of in the number of yearly abortions* and an amazing increase in the number of closed abortion mills**,” continued Newman. “In addition, polls are showing that America is becoming more and more pro-life, especially among the younger generations. A recent Zogby Poll indicated that the majority of Americans, 59 percent, agree that abortion ends a human life. Local groups across America are having tremendous success in promoting a culture of life and providing practical alternatives to abortion.”
*Abortion rates have decreased every year since 1990, and the number of abortion decreased 7% from 1996 to 2002.
** 15 years ago there were 2,000 abortion clinics nationwide. Today there are under 750.