Operation Rescue vows to make sure Christin Gilbert’s killer is brought to justice.
October 24, 2005
Dear Friend

I urgently need your help to stop late-term abortionist George Tiller from getting away with “murder”.
We all know that “Tiller the killer” kills innocent babies in the womb at his so-called state-of-the-art abortion center, in Wichita, Kansas. But we also know the police will not arrest him for that killing because abortion is the disgraceful law of the land.
We are talking about another murder.
Bloody Murder: That’s the only way I can describe the tragic and grisly death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert. Christin died from a botched third-trimester abortion procured at Tiller’s abortion mill last January.
And now we have the autopsy report to back up that claim.
In fact, the autopsy reveals that Christin suffered terribly and died a painful, agonizing death because of the abortion Tiller gave her.
Christin’s tragedy is especially bitter because she is a truly innocent woman who was victimized by those who should have protected her. Christin had Down syndrome, but that did not stop her from enjoying a full and active life, full of love and happiness.
Christin attended high school and graduated from the special education program there. She was the batgirl and inspiration to the State Championship Girls’ Softball team, and was a regular participant at her hometown Special Olympics. She was known for her encouraging words and abundant hugs. Christin was deeply loved by her community. (Read more about Christin’s life)
But because Christin had Down’s syndrome, Christin was not capable of giving legal consent to any of the horrific events that befell her — including her abortion!

Christin’s tragedy began when she was sexually abused in her small Texas hometown. Her loving spirit and trusting nature were betrayed by a pervert who preyed upon her innocence. His criminal act or acts resulted in Christin’s pregnancy.
The “stretch marks” on Christin’s abdomen were probably the first clues the family had that Christin was with child. But instead of welcoming the new life into their home, her family took her to Wichita, Kansas, to see late-term abortionist George Tiller.
Wichita, is the abortion capital of the world, and is the “last stop” for many second and third-trimester babies from all over the country.
Christin’s baby was 28 weeks old and in the third-trimester of pregnancy when Tiller injected the baby’s heart with a poison that would cause it to stop beating. She was prepared for “delivery of a stillborn”, (as Tiller likes to call his unique version of a partial-birth abortion), and sent back to her hotel room with instructions to call only the abortion mill if something went wrong.
And something did go terribly wrong.
Christin developed complications and returned to the abortion mill, where Tiller misdiagnosed her condition as “dehydration” and sent her back again to the hotel. In fact, because of the botched abortion, Christin had developed a raging infection that had turned to sepsis, a very serious and often fatal blood infection.
Her condition continued to deteriorate, but, instead of rushing Christin to the hospital, her family obediently waited until the abortion mill opened the next morning before getting help for Christin.
By this time, Christin was in serious trouble. According to one doctor who reviewed the autopsy report: She “bled and oozed from every orifice” as she developed a systemic blood disorder that caused her organs to begin to fail.

Finally, an emergency call was placed by Tiller employee Marguerite Reed who was, according to the dispatcher, “evasive” about Christin’s condition. As Christin lay dying, Marguerite pled with the dispatcher, “Please! Please! Please! No lights, no sirens!” She then placed him on hold for forty-five critical seconds while she checked to see how much she should tell the dispatcher, who never knew the seriousness of Christin’s condition. (Listen to 911 Call)
The Bible says, “The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel”
There is no doubt that Tiller and his employees are responsible for the needless death of Christin Gilbert.
And we can prove it!
This is perhaps the most well documented abortion death in the shameful history of Roe v. Wade.

  • Our people were on the scene and photographed the ambulance as it whisked her from the abortion mill “code blue.”
  • Our investigators witnessed her arrival by ambulance at the hospital Emergency Room, where they describe the emergency workers in a state of “near panic” as they rushed to save Christin’s life.
  • We have acquired documentation of every aspect of this case, from the 911 audio tape to the autopsy report — and everything in between.
  • One of our staff members even filed the complaint with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) that launched the investigation against Tiller in Christin’s death.
  • It is an absolute fact that if my incredible staff had not been on the scene and investigating, this crime it would have been completely covered up and forgotten.
    You would think, with all the evidence to support Tiller’s guilt in the death of this young lady that it would be a simple thing to bring him to justice.
    Yet nothing could be further from the truth!
    That is why we need your help. It is possible that cronyism and corruption will shield Tiller from any disciplinary action from the state.
    Please bear with me as we follow the money trail.
    Tiller is a large campaign contributor to pro-abort Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. In fact, it is well known that Sebelius probably would not have won the election without the VERY large sums of blood money that Tiller poured into her campaign coffers.

    In Kansas, the Governor appoints a board to oversee the medical community. Larry Buening is the executive director of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. He is a Sebelius appointee. His wife, Vicki Buening, is Gov. Sebeluis’ Chief of Staff.
    When I met with Vicki Buening about this tragedy and other botched abortions at Tiller’s mill, she directed me to talk to Larry Buening who then directed me to talk with Vicki Buening. This vicious circle of corruption is keeping Tiller from being brought to justice.
    If the Kansas Board of Healing Arts suspends or revokes Tiller’s medical license, it would be akin to “killing their cash cow.” The former “doctor” Tiller would be out of a job and would be unable to send in his normal “contributions” to the Governor.

    However, they are all politicians and there is one thing that politicians respond to above all else, and that is

    If it were up to the politicians and their cronies, they would simply drop the case against Tiller.
    However, we can’t let that happen. Christin’s life was too precious!
    We need your help now to contact the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and beg — no demand, that Tiller’s medical license be permanently revoked for the senseless death of Christin Gilbert.
    In the next few days the KSBHA will make a determination about whether to pursue charges against Tiller or close the case forever.

    We need you to call Larry Buening TODAY at (785) 296-3680 or e-mail him at lbuening@ink.org.

    If you have time, contact EVERYONE at the KSBHA and demand the revocation of Tiller’s medical license for the botched abortion death of Christin Gilbert. All the phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed online at http://www.ksbha.org/staff.html.
    We know that public pressure works with these people. Earlier this year pro-lifers publicized the discovery of filthy, rat-infested conditions at Krishna Rajanna’s abortion mill in Kansas City. The KSBHA was going to merely slap him on the wrist with a $1,000 fine and let him continue operating what amounted to a nasty, back-alley style chop shop.
    Operation Rescue launched a public awareness campaign among lawmakers in Topeka, and because of the ensuing public pressure, the KSBHA revoked Rajanna’s license and closed his mill for good.
    Now you can have an active part in possibly stopping the most heinous abortionist in our nation, George Tiller.

    We know that Christin’s death was not the end to Tiller’s butchery. Just recently we documented an incident that was clearly an abortion complication requiring medical attention. (Click here to read this story.)
    And we have documented a half-dozen other ambulance runs from Tiller’s mill where we don’t know if the women are alive or dead.
    Your calls and e-mails to the KSBHA could help stop “Tiller the Killer” from hurting anyone else.
    Time is short. The situation is urgent. The KSBHA will make a decision about Tiller within days. We must not allow Tiller to get away with killing Christin Gilbert and her pre-born baby.
    This is an urgent call for justice. Christin’s beauty was more than “skin deep” and her brief life is worth a phone call to the KSBHA.
    The public outcry could bring Tiller’s “reign of terror” to an end. With Tiller’s medical license revoked hundreds of thousands of babies will be saved.
    Please call or write the KSBHA then consider making a donation to Operation Rescue today. And please don’t forget to pray for us. The battle is waxing hot and we sincerely covet your prayers.
    May God richly bless you for your efforts on behalf of justice for Christin and support for this ministry.
    For the voiceless,
    Troy Newman