Suit claims Abortionists Keith Gresham and Nicholas Kotopoulos, provided “negligent, careless and reckless care.”

Newark, NJ — Twenty-year old Rasheedah Dinkins went to Metropolitan Medical Associates on January 27, for what she thought would be a routine abortion in her 15th week of pregnancy. Later that day, Rasheedah collapsed in her home. Family members summoned an ambulance to transport her to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center where she slipped into a coma lasting four weeks. When she awoke, Rasheedah learned that she had suffered massive blood loss, two strokes, a collapsed lung, neurological damage, and the removal of her uterus. She finally regained her ability to speak on Tuesday.
Rasheedah is still hospitalized in the critical care unit, recovering from the botched abortion that nearly cost her her life along with that of the last child she will ever bear. It is an act she now regrets.
Rasheedah is now suing Metropolitan Medical Associates, a clinic affiliated with the National Abortion Federation (NAF), and the two abortionists who treated her. In a complaint filed on Wednesday, she claims that abortionists Keith Gresham and Nicholas Kotopoulos, provided “negligent, careless and reckless care.”
Metropolitan Medical Center was closed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services over the weekend after an investigation that was prompted when a hospital worker reported Rasheedah’s botched abortion. It had also been closed in 1993, after a 20-year old college student died during an abortion from a perforated uterus.
“Rasheedah showed remarkable courage in first being willing to admit that she should not have had the abortion, and second in her willingness to publicly discuss what happened to her,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray her lawsuit succeeds in helping to permanently closed this high-volume child-killing center.”
“We know that unfortunately, Rasheedah’s tragedy is not unique. We urge other women who have been injured at this and any other abortion mill to come forward and report their stories to their local authorities,” said Newman. “The abortion industry is a predatory one, and the so-called standards that groups like the NAF impose on themselves are a joke. As long as women remain silent, they will continue to subject women to shoddy, dangerous conditions and substandard care. Now is the time to speak out to prevent other women from making the same tragic decision.”