By Sarah Neely

In the last few weeks, an abortionist has been seen bringing her infant to work at Toledo Women’s Center in Toledo, Ohio

Yes, an abortionist brings her baby to the same place where she destroys other women’s babies. This is quite a stark contrast to other abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood which, as a general rule, don’t even allow children in their waiting rooms. And, why would they? It’s hard to convince a pregnant mother the child in her womb is a non-person if she’s staring at a toddler the whole time she’s in the waiting area. The presence of a child would clearly be bad for business.

This Toledo abortionist must feel otherwise. Or perhaps she feels that bringing her baby to work just shows that abortion really is about choice. She apparently wanted this child. Plus, the child is born now, which means she or he is a full human person – an innocent person who knows very little of the world just yet, but is starting out spending time within the walls of a building where children have been brutally murdered over many years. 

If abortion is the battle between good and evil we believe it is, then this poor child is in the darkest of trenches, surrounded by death and sorrow and deception. What effect might that have in later years?

According to Toledo Women’s Center’s website, this clinic offers abortions up to 17 weeks 6 days. At this time, however, surgical abortions are actually done at their Cuyahoga Falls location. For now, in this building, only chemical abortions are offered up to 10 weeks gestation. But that does not downplay the horror still going on. This building exists to end the lives of children.  

At 10 weeks, a baby in utero can suck her thumb, flex, stretch her arms, and touch her face. She is fully human there in her mother’s womb, just like the infant this abortionist is casually carrying in and out of a modern day extermination camp. 

“Let us pray heartily for this child,” says Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “And also for this child’s mother. Let us pray that God turns a light on in her soul, opens her eyes, and lets her see that every child she destroys in the womb is just as human and just as deserving of protection as this child in her arms.”

“Abortion is such a lie. And those who perform them become so blind and hard of heart that only God can reach them. May He reach this mother who holds her own child while tearing away the sacred role of ‘mother’ from so many other women.”