Washington, DC – The birth control bail out was dropped today from the government’s economic stimulus package after a number of pro-life/pro-family groups, including Operation Rescue, expressed outrage yesterday over a proposed $200 million allotment for contraceptives that was promoted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
“This is a huge victory for American taxpayers and for the pro-life movement. We rejoice that the coffers of Planned Parenthood and their ilk will be denied $200 million in public money for what amounted to a shameful population control program that targeted low-income families,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Pelosi’s plan, claiming that having children was bad for the economy, was nonsense that deserved a strong public rebuke.”
The birth control allotment was removed from the stimulus package at the request of President Barrack Obama, who appeared to be trying to avoid a showdown with conservatives that he was likely to lose. It was rightly determined that the money would not stimulate the economy or create jobs.
“This victory proves that pro-lifers still wield power, no matter what the liberal pundits claim,” said Newman.
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