Watch the video that abortionist William West does not want you to see!

McAllen, Texas — A Texas abortionist currently under investigation for abortion-related abuses has admitted publicly that he is responsible for pressuring and to remove an Operation Rescue video detailing findings of a 3-month investigation of abortionists in that state.
West complained about Operation Rescue’s investigation and video in a lengthy, often rambling, missive printed by the radically liberal “Daily Kos” web site on May 30, 2011. In the article, he describes how he faxed and e-mailed and until they removed the video.
Dr. William West works at Whole Woman’s Health, one of the abortion chains where Operation Rescue’s undercover investigation discovered numerous and repeated violations. Among the evidence gathered were recorded telephone conference calls that indicate West may have violated informed consent and 24-hour waiting period laws. A brief clip of one of those recording was included in the 3½ minute video that was produced by Operation Rescue to give an overview of the investigation’s findings.
West wrote, “In response to my FAX. . .You Tube removed the video containing the audio recording and other specious OR allegations as violating their standards of conduct, which also resulted in its deletion from the OR website. . .OR then reposted the video through another online video venue, Vimeo. By email I then convinced that service, too, to remove the OR video. OR then turned to a video service they could control, Pro-lifetube, so I gave up.”
West complained that audio files that indicate informed consent and 24 hour waiting period violations were heavily edited. However, Operation Rescue has submitted the entire, unedited recordings to the Texas Medical Board along with other evidence prompting the Board to open its own investigation of West, which is active and on-going.
“William West obviously does not want the public to see the video summary of the incriminating evidence we gathered at Texas abortion clinics, but has failed in his attempt to remove the truth from the Internet. Could it be that the evidence is so compelling that he has no legitimate defense except to try to remove and cover up the evidence?” asked Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We continue to cooperate with the Texas Medical Board in their investigation of West and 13 other Texas abortionists that have come under Board investigation as a result of our research.”
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