Operation Rescue’s call for suspensions of three abortionist’s licenses still under consideration

Topeka, KS – The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has notified Cheryl Sullenger and Troy Newman in separate letters that complaints they filed against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller and his associates are progressing. The complaints request that the medical licenses of three abortionists be suspended.
Sullenger’s complaint, filed against Tiller and abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus in October, 2006, involves allegations that Tiller conducted illegal late-term abortions using Neuhaus as the second concurring physician required by law for post-viability abortions. Sullenger submitted evidence compiled though Operation Rescue investigations that indicated that Neuhaus and Tiller were financially associated, which is prohibited by law.
Tiller has since been charged with 19 criminal counts of violating the non-affiliated physician law. That case is still pending and tentatively set for trial on June 16, 2008.
Newman’s complaint against Tiller and California abortionist Shelley Sella was filed in October, 2007, and alleges that the coerced abortion of Michelle Armesto-Berge was done prior to obtaining proper consent and other violations of the standard of care. Newman filed the complaint on Armesto-Berge’s behalf at her request.
Armesto-Berge’s horrific late-term abortion experience was first made public when she testified last September before a joint legislative committee investigating illegal late-term abortions and the non-enforcement of Kansas abortion laws.
Abortionist Shelley Sella is a resident of Oakland, California, and is an employee of Tiller’s and flies to Kansas every third week to abort babies at his Wichita abortion mill. Abortions after 24 weeks gestation are illegal in California.
“We are cautiously optimistic that the cases against Tiller, Neuhaus, and Sella will now be given the attention they deserve,” said Newman. Two top members of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts resigned last month in a shake up over the Board’s slowness to act and over apparent cover-ups.
“Up to this point, the Board has refused to act to protect women and viable babies from illegal abortions. The situation in Kansas is critical. The lives of viable babies that laws were enacted to protect remain in jeopardy,” said Newman. “We pray that these abortion complaints will get moved to the front burner where they belong, and that suspensions of licenses will be soon forthcoming in the interest of public safety.”