By Cheryl Sullenger
Austin, TX – The Texas Medical Board has levied fines of $3,000 each against abortionists Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson after their investigations found them to have violated standards of patient care. The orders are based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue after a 3-month undercover investigation into Texas abortion clinics. The disciplinary orders were officially entered on February 10, 2012.
“We are very happy that these disciplinary orders have been issued against Molson and Hanson based on our complaints. The Board actions prove that these two abortionists were providing substandard services and cutting corners on women’s health,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.
Molson, 60, admitted during an Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) last October that he did not routinely see patients at the time of the post-abortion follow-up visit and that most follow-up visits were done by medical assistants, who are unqualified for such tasks. He also admitted that the medical assistants would evaluate the patients and provide prescriptions for birth control pills that were pre-signed by Molson, if the patients met certain parameters. These admissions all constituted violations, according to the Board order.
Hanson, 72, admitted during an ISC that he sees patients for the first time on the day of the abortion and fails do a complete history and physical. Only limited vital signs of the patient are checked. These admissions constituted violations, according to the Board order.
Both Molson and Hanson were ordered to take eight hours of continuing medical education in risk management.
Newman was present at the ISC hearings and gave a witness statement against Molson and Hanson to the Board.
Molson and Hanson were also accused of HIPAA violations for the illegal dumping of private medical records and for illegal dumping of aborted baby remains. The Board found that since both abortionists were “Independent Contractors” for the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain, they had no authority or control over the clinic’s dumping practices, therefore were not in violation.
“Molson and Hanson slipped out of the illegal dumping allegations on a technicality,” said Newman. “In fact, two Whole Women’s Health abortion clinics that we investigated were fined tens of thousands of dollars for the improper disposal of recognizable aborted baby remains by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, so those allegations were proven to be true.”
A third abortionist, William Watkins West, was accused but not disciplined by the Board.
Open cases remain against seven other abortionists, including Margaret Kini, Brook Randal, Douglas Karpen, Franz Theard, Pedro J. Kowalyszyn, Sherwood C. Lynn, and Robert L. Prince. Karpen and Theard have been scheduled for hearings on May 16, 2012. The rest have not yet been scheduled.
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