This month you have two opportunities to stand for life and expose Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. Let’s make a bold stand for life while the eyes of the nation are watching!
Pro-Life Witness At Obama/McCain Appearances At Saddleback Church, August 16

For those in the area of Southern California, Operation Rescue invites you to join the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust for a pro-life prophetic outreach at SaddleBack Church, were Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain will be appearing.
We want to bring a strong pro-life witness to the church community, the media and the nation at the Saddleback Civil Forum, where the eyes of the nation will focus. It doesn’t matter if you are a Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust (born after 1973), or born before the American Holocaust began, please invite your friends and come and take a stand for life!
Graphic signs will be provided.

When: 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Where: Meeting at the main entrance of Saddleback Church
1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Contact: Gingi Edmonds at or call at 559-772-7911
A Prayer For Change: A Pro-Life Witness At the DNC, Aug. 22-28
Kickoff Rally will feature Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery

Operation Rescue will join the Christian Defense Coalition, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and other pro-life groups in Denver, Colorado on August 22-28 for a powerful pro-life prophetic witness during the Democratic National Convention.
Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever, rabidly supporting radical, unfettered abortion through all stages of pregnancy. An Obama administration could prove to be the bloodiest in US history.
Responding to the urgency of the hour, Christian leaders are issuing a national call to come to Denver and be part of A Prayer for Change during the DNC.
The event’s kick off rally on Aug. 22 at 7 PM will feature Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery.
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