Reich and Rivera are permanently out of the abortion business

Chula Vista, CA — Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy, a Southern California abortion mill chain run by the entrepreneurial Bertha Bugarin, has lost two more abortionists, leaving her troubled abortion business struggling amid scandal and legal problems.
Convicted sexual predator and abortionist Laurence Reich permanently surrendered his license on April 14, 2006, after the Board of Osteopathy filed charges against him for sexual misconduct with patients, conviction of crime, and gross negligence. Reich was convicted on two counts of sexually molesting his patients in 2002 after serving a 10-year probation for sexually abusing three of his patients in 1982.
Troubled abortionist and drug addict John Ramon Rivera, Jr., voluntarily quit the abortion business after a Chula Vista pro-lifer befriended him and encouraged him to stop killing. Luis Mendoza, a sidewalk counselor at the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy in Chula Vista, CA, met with Rivera over lunch a number of times and helped convince him that he should no longer commit abortions. Rivera’s troubles included a criminal conviction in San Diego in 2002 after he was caught of groping the genital area of a woman and being under the influence of ecstasy at a public event.
Mendoza reported to Operation Rescue that he “providentially” ran into Rivera over the weekend and was assured by the former abortionist that he was “out of the business” for good and working temporarily at a job in the medical field until he can return to work as a gynecologist with a pro-life physician with whom he is acquainted.
Mendoza also has asked for prayers for Rivera’s wife, who is currently hospitalized and undergoing treatment for cancer.
The former abortionists were replaced by George Flanigan, another abortionist with a history of malpractice and other accusations.
Reich and Rivera are the latest in a string of troubled abortionists in the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy Chain to loose their licenses or quit. The notorious Nicholas Braemer, surrendered his medical license under threat of revocation in 2001, after years of botched abortions and abortion deaths. Abortionist Mohamed F. Dia also surrendered his medical license in 1999 rather than have it revoked for malpractice and negligence. Physician’s Assistant Steven Turnipseed, known as “Dr. Steve”, left “Clinica Medica” employment and disappeared after complaints were filed by an Operation Rescue staff member who had documented that he was committing abortions illegally and practicing medicine without a license. Eighty-four year old abortionist Phillip Rand surrendered his medical license last year after over 40 malpractice suits, numerous botched abortions, and several license suspensions for gross negligence.
“Thankfully there are two less abortionists killing innocent babies in our country today, but one can hardly celebrate as long as that chain of chop shops continues to operate,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger, who has conducted years of pro-life ministry outside the Bugarin abortion mills. “This chain has a history of injury and death reaching back over three decades. We call on the State of California to investigate this abortion mill chain and shut it down before more women are molested, injured, or killed.”