Abortion clinic evicted in West Palm Beach, FL
[We praise the Lord for the efforts of M. Susan Pine and her group of Christian warriors in Florida. The abortion mill owners did not inform the landlords the true nature of their grisly work. Just a few people obeying the scripture to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness made all the difference! Please join us in praying that these two abortion mills will not be able to find other accommodations. —OR Staff]
Press Release: For immediate release, Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

West Palm Beach, FL — As of Midnight Thursday, June 16th, 2005 the WomanCare abortion clinic at 750 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach has been evicted. The location on Military Trail was the 3rd for WomanCare within the past few short years.
“It is my understanding that WomanCare misrepresented themselves to the property owner in order to secure the location. Although WomanCare is an abortion center, they made no statements to the fact that they perform abortions. That is often the case for abortuaries. They, themselves know that abortion centers are not welcomed in our communities” states M Susan Pine, President of FACE Life a local Pro-life nonprofit.
Tammy Sobieski, who opened WomanCare West Palm Beach also had a location in Cocoa that she opened August 21, 2000, but she has lost that location as well. Sobieski was required to notify the property owner by June 19, 2005 of her intent to renew a lease and failed to do so, evidently an oversight. That oversight cost her the Coca location. That property manager also wanted the abortion center out and by August 19, his wish will come true.
In response to the closing of the facilities and Tammy Sobieski future, M. Susan Pine stated:
“We are thrilled that there are two less facilities in our beautiful state that are focused on the destruction of innocent human life, that exploit women in dire and unusual circumstances, and that rob men of their fatherhood. We will pray that Tammy Sobieski will now turn towards using her God-given talents to truly help women, children, and families by helping to grow a Culture of Life in our community rather than that of death and destruction.”
Contact: M Susan Pine, FACE Life, Inc. (561) 868-7002