Warminster, PA — Over 100 pro-life supporters from the group Survivors United participated in a “rescue” today at an abortion clinic in Warminster, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. Thirty members of the group risked arrest by conducting a “sit-in” at the abortion clinic doors.
Two people were cited on charges of trespassing. The group of mostly post-Roe young people, led by Survivor United Director Mark Houck and former Operation Rescue leader Mike McMonagle, was informed that the clinic had closed for the day. An estimated 20 abortions had been scheduled.
One pro-life participant was injured when he was struck with a car driven by an angry abortion supporter. The pro-lifer was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, but is expected to make a complete recovery.
“We are seeing more and more young people embracing the pro-life position on abortion, perhaps because so many of their peers have been lost since abortion has been decriminalized,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who commented on the rescue from his office in Wichita, Kansas. “This next generation takes the loss of life through abortion very seriously, and are willing to step up to a high level of commitment to see to it that innocent lives are spared.”
“We applaud those who today displayed Christian love for the pregnant women and their pre-born children by peacefully placing their bodies between the scheduled victims and the abortionist,” said Newman. “The Bible tells us that greater love has no man than those who lay down their lives for others.”
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