Pro-life whistleblower helps bring abortion criminals to justice.
(UPDATE: It was later learned that Gonzalez’ associate, Siomara Senises, was not arrested as the detective believed. She turned herself in to police and was booked in April, 2007.)

Miramar, FL — Belkis Gonzalez has been arrested and jailed on two felony counts related to illegal abortions that were done at A Gyn of Miramar, Inc., an abortion clinic located in Miramar, Florida, now known as Miramar Women’s Center.
Miramar Police Department Information Officer Bill Robertson told Operation Rescue that as of Tuesday afternoon, Gonzalez had been taken into custody and that he believed that her partner, Siomara Senises, had also been apprehended. Gonzalez was arrested Friday at her Miramar abortion clinic and was released Saturday on a $1,000 bond. Details of Senises’ arrest are unknown.
The arrests are a result of an investigation that began with a tip supplied to Miramar Police in November, 2004, by a pro-life investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous. These are the seventh and eighth arrests that have resulted from nearly 2 ½ years of investigation, with one unlicensed abortionist having fled the country to avoid arrest.
Gonzalez and Senises are business partners who have operated a number of abortion clinics in the Broward County area. Both were charged with two felony counts: “Principle in the First Degree,” having to do with aiding and abetting a crime, and “Unlicensed Practice of Health Care.”
Gonzalez’s arrest report details how these women knowingly allowed two men to conduct abortions on women when neither of them had medical licenses. They also instructed at least two other unlicensed employees to conduct duties that required licensed medical personnel, including operating ultrasound machines, dispensing medication, and even assisting in abortions with duties normally done by licensed physicians. Gonzalez and Senises also performed medical duties without proper licensing.
This is not the first time the pair has been in the news. Last July, both were involved in a case where a baby was born alive at an abortion mill in Hialeah, FL. According to a search warrant obtained by Operation Rescue, Gonzalez swept the live baby into a bag and tossed her onto the roof of the abortion clinic to avoid detection by the authorities. On a tip, the police later recovered the baby’s remains and closed the clinic. An autopsy determined that the baby was indeed born alive. The investigation into that case is ongoing, and has yet to yield any arrests.
“The pro-life investigator who blew the whistle on this rat’s nest of illegal abortionists is a great example of how much just one resourceful pro-lifer can accomplish with the truth on his side,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “When we expose the abortion cartel’s unfruitful works of darkness, as Ephesians 5:11 commands, we see abortionists under arrest, abortion mills closed, and babies saved. We pray this case puts Gonzalez and Senises out of the abortion business for good.”
Read Gonzalez’s Arrest Report (PDF)