Wichita KS — Operation Rescue confronted members of Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita on Sunday, March 26, 2006, with the grisly truth about what their most famous member, abortionist George R. Tiller, does for a living.
Two Truth Trucks parked outside the church while Operation Rescue missionaries and two visiting street preachers called on church members to repent from the sin of embracing child-killing, reminding them that according to Isaiah 1, God will not hear their prayers because they have blood on their hands.
The rescuers were flipped off, shouted at, and nearly run over by angry motorists in speeding vehicles entering the parking lot.
Tiller runs the largest late-term abortion mill in the world, outside Communist China. He and his wife, Jeanne, who co-owns the abortion mill with her husband, regularly partake of Holy Communion at Reformation Lutheran, where they took membership after being excommunicated from Holy Cross Lutheran Church several years ago.
Tiller is a troubled abortionist who is currently under investigation by Attorney General Phill Kline for suspected illegal late-term abortions and non-reporting of child rape. A grassroots effort is also underway to convene a Grand Jury to investigate Tiller in the abortion death of a 19-year old Downs Syndrome girl last year as well as a half dozen other botched abortions documented by Operation Rescue.
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