Dear faithful friend of ORW,
This is a pivotal hour and I need your help and many prayers. For the past several days, ORW has been in Montgomery, Alabama. Our Truth Trucks traveled tirelessly through the night to be here in time for the huge “One Nation Under God Rally” — and ORW is committed to staying for as long as needed.
Just turn on the nightly news or read today’s paper to hear and see the riveting accounts of the Judge who is shaping American history. The nation’s eyes are fixed upon this city and upon the one man who has dared to tell a Federal Judge – “no!”

That man is Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore. He is no ordinary man and no ordinary Judge. Known as the “Ten Commandments Judge” for his victorious battle to keep a small plaque of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom, he won a landslide election for Chief Supreme Court Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Soon after he assumed this high and prestigious office, he placed an ascetically beautiful and spiritually powerful Ten Commandment monument in the front lobby of the State Supreme Court, in recognition of the acknowledgement to the Law of God mentioned in the Alabama Constitution – the Constitution Judge Moore swore an oath to uphold.
And from that day until this very moment the God-haters, the pro-abortion, and the bloodthirsty crowd have worked and spent millions to outlaw God’s Law and Standards and remove Judge Moore from office.
Why do they hate the Ten Commandments? Because laws like “Thou shall not murder,” “Thou shall not commit adultery,” and “Thou shall not steal,” prohibit them from passing more godless laws that kill children and approve sexually immoral lifestyles.
That is why Chief Justice Roy Moore has told Federal Judge Myron Thompson he will not remove God’s Word from the courthouse, for the commandments I just mentioned are the foundation of all other laws.
Is God calling you to take a stand in your own community?
Contact us to find out how to obtain copies of these signs (or other signs which uphold God’s standards).
Justice Moore may go to jail for contempt of court. He may lose his license to practice law and he has already been vilified in the national press. He is putting his very life on the line to ensure God’s commandments like “Thou shall not murder” will be acknowledged as the law of the land.
And if Judge Moore can make such a sacrifice then I can do no less.
ORW’s many years of experience have been called upon to come to this historic city to stand for God’s Holy Law. I have been asked to come help lead and organize rallies and demonstrations in support of the Ten Commandments. We may even organize “sit-in” style protests to keep the Commandments in place.
Today, I am asking you to stand with ORW as we stand with Judge Moore and the Ten Commandments.
The color photographs are the actual artwork we designed specially for this event. The pictures of the Truth Truck were taken just moments after we hung the signs before immediately hitting the road for Alabama.
I am estimating that the cost of keeping two Truth Trucks here, (one of the Trucks with the graphic photos of aborted children, depicting the horror of America’s holocaust), along with our other expenses, including the printing of these striking new signs, to be at about $5,000.
And that is $5,000 we don’t have. We are simply making this trip on faith – faith in God that He wants to use us here to make a bold stand for righteousness – and faith in your generosity.
Please send an urgent gift to make sure we can cover the costs of our efforts in support of Judge Moore’s actions, the Ten Commandments, and God’s Standards.
Pray for God’s Law to be honored!
Your servant for Life and liberty,
Troy Newman,
President Operation Rescue West
P.S. ORW’s design staff has worked overtime getting everything prepared. The artwork was made ready and our signs were shipped to us overnight just in time for us to mount them and get on the road. We are in place in Montgomery. Please be generous as you send your gift today. Thank you in advance.