Omaha, NE — Thousands of shareholders that attended the annual stockholder’s meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway Corporation on Saturday, April 30, were surprised to be greeted by the Truth Truck and a group of pro-life activists, which unmasked Buffett’s involvement in funding abortion.
Many do not realize the extent of Buffett’s abortion zealotry. For almost fifty years, Warren Buffett has been one of the largest single benefactors of population control and abortion in the world, succeeded only by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, with whom he has in recent years joined forces.
It was rainy, cold and windy when the protest began at 5:30 AM in the morning. Even at that early hour, there were already thousands standing in line awaiting admittance to the conference, with little else to do but watch the Truth Truck circle the venue and engage in occasional conversations with the pro-life activists holding signs on the street.
However, it was the Truth Truck that drew the most attention.
“As we made our way slowly through the heavy traffic, everywhere heads turned and cameras were busy taking pictures,” said Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck driver Larry Donlan. “While we attend this event almost every year, this was undoubtedly the most attention we have ever received.”
This attention was due to the new event-specific signs mounted on the Truth Truck. Billboard-sized banners displayed by the Truth Truck included Buffett’s picture next to graphic images of aborted babies, making the protest impossible to ignore. The signs were donated to Operation Rescue by a Berkshire-Hathaway shareholder who wanted to expose Buffett’s heavy involvement with abortion.
There were many interesting and constructive conversations between the pro-lifers and shareholders attending the conference. Perhaps the most notable was a man who approached one of the pro-life women and told her that he was Catholic and had no idea of Buffett’s involvement with abortion. He said he intended to speak with Buffett about it and thanked her for making him aware of this issue.
After the convention, the Buffett-owned Nebraska Furniture Mart hosted a picnic for Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders. The Truth Truck was also in attendance.
“Buffett pours millions of dollars into abortion organizations that focus on recruiting new abortionists and expanding abortion services. Because of the dedication of local activists and the generosity of a shareholder that is opposed to Buffet’s abortion agenda, this outreach was a huge success,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.