Wichita, KS – One of Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks has returned to its home base in Kansas after having been on loan in Florida for several months displaying images of aborted babies at well-attended events like the Super Bowl, Pro-Bowl and Daytona 500.
Driver Mark Gietzen reports that throughout the entire 1,500 mile trip, he did not receive a single negative comment or gesture.
“There were a lot of folks along the way who wanted to wave at us, and to give us a ‘thumbs-up’ sign. One hundred percent of the interaction with other people on the road was positive. I think that says something about the mood in the country right now. Not even one person gave us a negative gesture,” said Gietzen.
That change has been most noticeable since the election of Barack Obama and his efforts to force abortion funding on the American people through so-called health care reform.
“Recent polls show that support for the pro-life position has gained tremendous support over the past couple of years while support for abortion has tremendously decreased,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are feeling the effects of this on the street as well as seeing it in falling numbers of abortion clinics nationwide. That increased grassroots opposition to abortion is translating into political power that could stun the abortion cartel during the November elections.”
Operation Rescue operates a fleet of ten Truth Trucks that travel in areas from coast to coast exposing the human tragedy of abortion.