Milwaulkee, WI – The Truth Truck just finished a tour of 30 Wisconsin communities along the Mississippi River with Missionaries to the Pre-Born.
Traveling from town to town, the group of approximately 25 pro-lifers exposed Obama’s radical support for abortion. They handed out over 5,000 pieces of literature connecting Obama to abortion, while the Truth Truck directed the public to the website that has documentation of Obama’s abortion extremism.
Wisconsin is a presidential swing state, so the tour was perfect timing. Also last week, another Truth Truck exposed Obama at one of his campaign stops in Virginia, another important swing state.
Operation Rescue is encouraging Christians to dedicate time in prayer every day for the election from now until Election Day on November 4.
“This election will decide the fates of millions of yet to be conceived pre-born babies. From a practical standpoint, we may not be able to undo in our lifetimes all the harm an Obama presidency could cause,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Please join us in dedicating time each day from now until Election Day praying earnestly for the outcome of the election and its impact on the future of our posterity and our nation. May God have mercy on us!”