Ellensburg, WA – Communities across the state of Washington are being visited with the Washington Show the Truth Tour. Groups of about 25 people and one Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks have been exposing the public to the truth about what an abortion really means. The tour has sparked news stories in several local newspapers, and has served to raise abortion as an issue in the minds of the people.
Mike Mallinger of Olympia discussed the need to show the graphic images to the public. He said, “The point is people have become numb as to what abortion is. They don’t see what is an abortion.”
“Thanks to the Show the Truth Tour, the people of Washington are getting the opportunity to face the reality of what abortion does to an innocent baby and repent from their apathy about it,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Hearts and minds are changed when people are confronted with the truth. Tours like this are helping to create greater and greater opposition to abortion in our country.”
Operation Rescue currently has a fleet of ten truth Trucks rolling across America.