Bellevue, NE – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck, driven by Rescue the Heartland’s Larry Donlan, has shaken a neighborhood where an abortion clinic worker lives. After Federal Court Judge Richard Kopf ordered police to stop arresting peaceful protesters who were not breaking the law, the City of Bellevue passed another ordinance limiting free speech activities in neighborhoods. As a result, instead of small groups praying throughout the neighborhood, Donlan has driven the Truth Truck with its large panels with photos of aborted babies up and down the streets.
One neighbor was so incensed by the Truth Truck’s presence that he laid down in the street to block it. He was arrested by police.
“It seems like lying in the street would be the least effective strategy to get the Truth Trucks out of his neighborhood,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is the first tendency to be angry with the messenger, but eventually people begin to realize that is it the abortionists that they should be upset with. We commend Larry Donlan for his courage in stirring up the community and encouraging a dialogue on abortion.”