County Commissioner ticketed for blocking Truth Truck

Omaha, Nebraska – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck and a group from Rescue the Heartland staged a protest at the grand opening of Sen. Barack Obama’s Nebraska Headquarters in Omaha on Wednesday evening.
Equipped with signs that said “Abortion Is An Obamanation” and “Stop the War on the Unborn,” the group confronted hundreds of Obama supporters and the media with the truth of abortion. Since the grand opening was on outdoor event, the attendees were exposed to the protest for over two hours.
County Commissioner and former Mayor Mike Boyles was ticketed for blocking the Truth Truck. He later made the false claim on a radio station that the Truth Trucks picket funerals.
“Frankly, Mr. Boyles owes Operation Rescue an apology for his false and inflammatory remarks,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Just because you disagree with someone, it doesn’t give you a license to lie about them.”
Larry Donlan, driver of the Truth Truck and organizer of the pro-life witness, was able to go on the same radio program and give a defense of the Truth Trucks. According to Donlan, some of the criticism from Democratic operatives backfired since several callers defended the Truth Truck and criticized the Democrats for not supporting the Freedom of Speech.
This is the first time a Democratic presidential candidate has opened a statewide headquarters with a paid staff in Nebraska in a generation. It shows how hard-fought this presidential race is likely to be.
“Abortion has become THE hot-button issue of this presidential campaign, and we applaud the Nebraska pro-lifers for taking that issue to the heart of the Obama camp in their state,” said Newman. “We will continue to dog Obama on the issue of abortion whenever possible, because anyone who thinks that the issue of life is above his pay grade isn’t fit to be elected as dog-catcher, much less President of the United States.”
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