Columbus, Ohio — Operation Rescue has sent one if its Truth Trucks to Ohio in support of efforts to pass legislation known as the Heartbeat Bill. The pro-life group Created Equal launched an awareness campaign using the billboard-sized banners mounted on a large box truck to encourage the Senate to move forward on the Heartbeat Bill, which passed handily in the House.
The Truth Truck features authenticated images of aborted baby remains along with text encouraging the Senate to take up House Bill 125, which would protect pre-born babies from abortion after a heartbeat has been detected. It would stop the majority of the approximately 28,000 abortions now taking place each year in Ohio.
“You’ve heard from the teddy bears, we’ve heard from the politicians, activists, women who regretted their abortions, Planned Parenthood, NARAL. It’s time the victims speak,” said Mark Harrington of Created Equal at a press conference on Tuesday.
“Every day the bill is delayed, babies die,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “We are asking the Ohio Senate to stop the delay tactics and put this bill on the agenda for an up or down vote.”
In addition, Harrington launched a graphic video showing actual abortion footage with images of recognizable body parts extracted during a first trimester abortion in order to drive the message home to voters as well as members of the Senate.
“A picture is worth a thousand words, and if the Senate is going to drag this out, they really should see what kind of carnage they are enabling,” said Newman. “We encourage the good people of Ohio to contact their senator and ask for them to move the Heartbeat Bill forward.
“Our point is this: each day the Senate delays a vote on HB 125 – seventy one babies die – ten every hour – one every six minutes. Let that sink in. One baby is brutally dismembered, decapitated or disemboweled every six minutes in this state,” said Harrington. “If HB 125 would have been passed into law at least 90% of these children would be alive today. In other words, these unnecessary delays in the Senate are responsible for 14,675 deaths.”
Click here for the contact page for Ohio Senate Members
[Caution: Extremely graphic video featuring actual abortion footage and photos]

Ohio House Bill 125: The Victims Speak from Mark Harrington on Vimeo.