Late-term save proves Tiller and cohorts are manufacturing bogus ‘mental health’ excuses in order to profit from expensive abortions

Wichita, KS – Sidewalk counselor Jennifer McCoy had a great day of ministry outside George Tiller’s late-term abortion mill in Wichita on Monday.
Jennifer intercepted a couple from Ohio who were coming out of Tiller’s abortion mill early in the afternoon. She persuaded them to go next door to Choices Medical Clinic, a pro-life center that offers help to pregnant women.
After an ultrasound and visit with the staff physician, the couple was relieved to discover that the anomalies their 33-week pre-born baby was experiencing were correctable with surgery. They had only been given the abortion option.
They told Jennifer that Tiller was charging them $15,000, money that will now be used help raise their new daughter.
When the couple left, they spoke with Jennifer and told them that seeing the graphic images of aborted babies on Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck was the turning point for them. “We just couldn’t do that to our baby,” they said.
“This really shows how phony the ‘mental health’ exception is for these late-term abortions. This couple was relieved to be able to keep their baby, and would have suffered mentally and emotionally from the loss of their daughter,” said Newman. “There is no way that abortion would have met the legal standard of ‘substantial and irreversible impairment’ to the mother’s mental health if this pregnancy continued. This is evidence that Tiller and his cohorts continue to manufacture bogus mental health excuses in order to keep profiting from expensive late-term abortions that are clearly illegal.”
Later in the afternoon, Jennifer spoke with a young woman who was 12 weeks pregnant. She had also gone over to Choices Medical clinic instead of entering Tiller’s mill. She told Jennifer that she was stunned by the images on the Truth Truck and knew she could not go through with the abortion. Jennifer exchanged contact information with her and the young mother even offered to start taking shifts outside Tiller’s gate.
Jennifer maintained telephone contact with Operation Rescue sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger throughout the dramatic afternoon.
Last week, on July 31, another sidewalk counselor who volunteers for the Kansas Coalition for Life, spoke with a woman who said she had an abortion appointment at Tiller’s abortion clinic. The woman and her friend stopped to examine the photographs on the Truth Truck. They took the pro-life literature that was given them and left.
“These three events dramatically illustrate the successes that can be achieved when pro-life groups partner together,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Our Truth Trucks touch the women’s hearts, giving the sidewalk counselors an opportunity direct them to a pro-life clinic where they can receive practical assistance.”
Operation Rescue partners with the Kansas Coalition for Life to provide a pro-life witness at Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill each hour it is open. The KCFL maintains a cross display at the mill and coordinates a volunteer list of over 400 people who offer prayers and sidewalk counseling to abortion bound women. Choices Medical Center offers free 4-D ultrasounds to abortion-bound women and runs one of the few perinatal hospice programs in the nation.