Operation Rescue is now recruiting volunteers to drive Truth Trucks during upcoming year of critical political campaigns and events.

Miami, FL – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck will be in Miami, Florida, to expose the truth about abortion and President Obama’s radical abortion support to crowds of people gathering for the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl professional football games.
“Wherever large groups of people gather, it is our custom to have a Truth Truck present to educate people about the horrific nature of abortion,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The matter of abortion must first be unavoidable if it is ever to become unthinkable.”
For the first time, the Pro Bowl will be played one week prior to the Super Bowl at the same venue. The Pro Bowl is scheduled for January 31 at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. The Super Bowl will be played there a week later on February 6.
“The unique scheduling of these events this year makes it a double opportunity for exposure of our message,” said Newman. “Also this year, in addition to photos of the victims of abortion, our Truth Truck will feature the web site www.AbortionIsAnObamanation.com, where viewers can go to see documentation of President Obama’s radical abortion agenda, which he is attempting to force on the American people through very unpopular health care bill now pending in Congress.”
Operation Rescue operates a fleet of ten Truth Trucks, which are large panel vehicles bearing graphic photographs of actual aborted babies that that show the truth about abortion from coast to coast.
“During 2010, we expect that the Truth Truck fleet will become an important ministry to educate people and remind them of the plight of the pre-born during important events and political campaigns that will have an impact on the matter of abortion,” said Newman. “We must make sure the voices of innocent babies are heard.”
Any responsible drivers interested in participating in the Truth Truck Campaigns of 2010, please contact Operation Rescue at (316) 683-6790, ext. 111.