Minneapolis, MN – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck is cruising the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, exposing Sen. Barack Obama’s extremist support for abortion on this last day of convention activities.
“While it may seem like preaching to the choir, there are many Republicans who are pro-abortion and could use a good dose of the truth, and they will get it if they log onto the ObamaWantsYou.com web site,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There are also tens of thousands of liberal protesters in Minneapolis this week, and it’s a good bet that the majority of them are pro-abortion as well. With the Truth Truck’s mobility, it is likely that most people in the convention area have been exposed to the Truth Truck at some point in time. There is hardly a more effective tool than the Truth Trucks at reaching vast numbers of people. Both the outreaches at the RNC and the DNC have been amazingly successful.”