“Nothing destroys lies like the truth.” –Denny Green, Truth Truck Driver

Roanoke, VA – Thousands of people were confronted with the truth about Sen. Barack Obama’s extreme support for abortion during one of his campaign stops in Roanoke, Virginia, on Friday, October 17.
Denny Green of Life and Liberty Ministries drove the Truth Truck to the Obama event that displayed panels depicting images of aborted babies and encouraging visits to the AbortionIsAnObamanation.com website. That site, launched in August by Operation Rescue, documents Obama’s radical support for abortion, including his position that babies that are born alive during failed abortions should not be protected by law.
Mr. Green reports:

When we first pulled into the Civic Center parking lot, we were approached by a policeman who told us we could not be there. I reminded the officer that this was a public event. He said that it was private property and I would not be able to park. Once again I reminded the officer that the event was open to the public. He then stated that we could only park if we were attending the event. So Christian decided to go on inside and listen to Obama’s ramblings. After five hours we left having been seen by thousands.
Following our Rally appearance in Roanoke, we visited the Obama campaign office in Farmville for an hour or so. Nothing destroys lies like the truth.

“A total of ten Truth Trucks like the one that appeared at the Obama events in Virginia are rolling across the nation right now in the final days before the election, informing America of Obama’s shameful and extreme support for abortion,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Some people are trying to deceive voters into thinking that Obama would reduce the number of abortions, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The Truth Trucks and the web site cut through that deception like nothing else,” said Newman.
Operation Rescue encourages all pro-lifers to forward the links to the AbortionIsAnObamanation.com and Obamawantsyou.com websites to as many people as possible in the days prior to the election, so voters can see the truth about Obama’s radical abortion support for themselves.