Omaha, NE – Truth Truck driver Larry Donlan gives the following report from Omaha, Nebraska, were he was involved with two abortion protests during fundraisers for pro-abortion Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani.
The Operation Rescue “Truth Truck” attended two Giuliani fundraising events in Nebraska and Iowa on Monday morning, November 14th.
The first stop was at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard in Omaha for a $500 per person breakfast. Along with the Truth Truck, Rescue The Heartland activists arrived at 7:15 a.m. to greet the “R.I.N.O.” Republicans attending the affair. Among those soundly rebuked by the pro-lifers included former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub and City Councilman Dan Welch, both of whom claim to be pro-life. Ex-Mayor Daub was visibly angered as he was confronted for his betrayal to the babies.
The Truth Truck was parked for the entire time in a public lot directly across from the restaraunt. Towering above the cars of those in attendence, it stood as a silent witness to the atrocities that their dollars were promoting.
Slightly before 9, thinking that Giuliani had already arrived, most of the pro-lifers headed over to the Village Inn in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the next event was being held. Fortunately, Nebraskans United For Life Chairman Ann Bowen decided to stick around. Apparently, the Giuliani people were waiting for us to leave as Giuliani arrived just minutes after the the rest had gone. Ann, however, was still on hand and able to call out a message of rebuke to him as he was hurried inside. Two Giuliani bodyguards waited outside while Ann witnessed to them about the horror of abortion and to their complicity in the abortion holocaust. One guard merely laughed, but the other looked somber with his head down and eyes to the ground.
In Council Bluffs, the rest of the pro-lifers joined a half dozen Ron Paul supporters who were also protesting the event. The Truth Truck drove up and down Broadway in front of the restaraunt with the Ron Paul supporters cheering as it went by. There were also many honks and waves from passerbys supporting the demonstration. This time when Giuliani arrived he couldn’t miss the witness for life being presented for his benefit.
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